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In focus next week: the outliers

The impact of generational behavioural trends in the post-COVID era, interview techniques in the post-COVID era from an experienced headhunter, price increases in the US, and an unlucky generation in China...

In focus next week: premium vs mass, strategic trends

The rich who don't spend their money, interview techniques in the post-Covid era from a seasoned headhunter, price hikes across several industries, and the spectacular downfall of a golf icon.


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In focus next week: modern communication solutions

Communication traditions and social media solutions in 2022, manipulation, global business reputations, and a blockbuster summer movie line-up...

In Focus Next Week: Pricing Strategy

Pricing policy and premium pricing in 2022, the rise of Kazidomi, influence and deception in the workplace, the best portraits of great musicians… all discussed in next week’s articles.

In Focus Next Week: Modern communication

The use of premium online solutions, the key theme of organisational development: influence, Bayern Munich's tenth Bundesliga win… all discussed in next week’s articles.