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ICONS: Karl Lagerfeld

Next year's MET will feature Chanel, Fendi, and Chloé because its 2023 exhibition will be dedicated to designer Karl Lagerfeld.

Pounding the Pound

What happened in the UK last week to cause the Pound to plummet?

The New Zealand Tourism Experiment

New Zealand is studying the implementation of four-day working weeks to promote domestic tourism in particular and the country's economy in general.


How brands are tricking you into paying more for less.

Kanye, the genius of hip hop fashion

The multifaceted artist defies convention, and his successful foray into the fashion world prove that he is no dilettante.


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The Inflation Situation: Australia

We know how things are in Europe and North America. How’s it going in the land down under?

The New Giant

Warner Bros. Discovery in the era of the streaming wars.

Another GOAT Says Goodbye

Thank you for everything, Roger Federer.

When the Halftime Show is not the Main Attraction

Apple and the NFL are approaching a historic deal.

Living Water? (Part 1)

Public baths and swimming pools as dangerous environments – Water composition analysis and expert advice for health

A Surprise Eurobasket

An inexperienced team versus an All-NBA Roster. What could go wrong?

The “Emancipation” of Will Smith

In February 2023, Will Smith wrapped shooting on a film that was destined to be an Oscar contender. Then “the slap” happened.

The Inflation Situation: Germany

Looking into the current inflation statistics of various countries. This week: Germany.

The State of the EU

Examining the content and history of the annual State of the EU speech.

The sentient Superman and the flesh and blood Wonder Woman

There is an increasing focus on the fact that athletes are human beings, and that they not only want to win competitions, but also want to live happy lives.

The CPI Nosedive

On Tuesday, the stock markets suffered their worst losses since the early days of the pandemic. Here’s why.

The Inflation Situation: Spain

Looking into the current inflation statistics of various countries. This week: Spain.

The Next Gen or the Next GOAT?

After his win in Flushing Meadows, it’s no wonder that Carlos “Carlitos” Alcaraz is being compared to some of the best to ever play the game.

Local Outsourcing

How an Australian company began competing against big International players in the customer service industry.