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Following the Idols (Part 3): The Ambitionist Generation (1985-1996)

The biggest change in the HR market, the absolute focus on idolism and talent management, was clearly motivated by this generation.

Finding Your Place

Despite bold predictions about less office space being used by companies around the globe, that drop has still yet to materialise.

The Complete Résumé / The Delayed World Cup

Sports stories we are following this week

Following the Idols (Part 2): the Perfectionist Generation (1961-1972)

This generation had a beautifully constructed system that could be followed in a perfect, predictable way, and didn't want any changes.

State of the Unions / China’s Real Estate Wobble

Business stories we are following this week


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If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys

The Australian advertising industry’s labour shortage is a microcosm of the global employment market.

Inflation and Public Perception

Image is everything, even if you are a central bank.

Following the Idols (Part 1): The Generation of Diplomats (1973-1984)

A series on the business idols of different generations

A YEAR AGO: OUTSIDE THE BOX, for real this time! (Transforming Strategy in 2021) Episode 1: Dreamers and Sober People

When we talk about transformation, especially on strategic issues, we can distinguish three methodologies.

…Still watching!

Reality TV is perhaps more popular today than ever before, and its influence on the world is still being felt today across a wide variety of genres.


The summer holidays are all about relaxation and recreation, but it's also about cultural experiences! The following is an exhibition guide for the European summer...

The HR Ego and the Battle for Talent: Successful talent management programmes since 2020

If we were to summarise the impact of talent management market changes since 2020, it could be said that in all the successful organisational development exercises have applied a combination of two basic methodologies.

Incubating the Niche

The primary reason that startups fail is a lack of ability to offer a product for a target market.

Threats to a Monopoly

How the changing landscape of professional golf represents changed expectations in workplaces worldwide.

Spy Game (Part 2): Selection-focused talent management

Selection-focused talent management is definitely a luxury for HR, and it's one that has to be fought for, because the best talent isn't going to just rush in.

Sticky Inflation / Britain’s Woes

Even though the inflation situation is rough in the US, things may be worse in the UK.

Real Problems, Real Hits to Reputation

This paradox is startling: the richest cities full of some of the world’s richest people are full of people struggling to survive, and these factors affect business reputation

Blue-Collar Salary Changes in 2022

If you do not work in the HR profession, you may be surprised by how people rank compensation when evaluating job prospects.

Spy Game (part 1): Selection-focused talent management

The emergence of selection-focused talent management roughly coincides with the start of the startup world's conquest of the world, but it is no longer only used by one-off global companies.