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THE STAGE: Mars Inc.

The pet care industry has been one of the primary beneficiaries of the COVID Crisis.

Castles by Ants – Episode 27: Basics of Cohesion

If the core of the team is set, then the key is maintaining team cohesion, and certainly, the coach is not just the leader but also a member of the team!

The new factor of the labour market: Relocations due to COVID – Part 1

As a result of the crisis, new demands and expectations have appeared in the labour market. One of the most important of these is “sensible and safe location” that is now an employee expectation.

The Awakening of International Expansion

2020 brought about many trends, many negative and some quite positive. By far the biggest winner of the pandemic now appears to be international expansion.

Let’s meet because I like you!

The age of the virtual meeting came upon us seemingly overnight because of the virus. Where do virtual meetings stand now, and where will their place be in one year?


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Sports Need Reality

It is not easy for today's athletes, but sports professionals are also in a difficult situation, as they are responsible for the health and lives of athletes, who also face the greatest challenge of their lives.

Castles by Ants – Episode 26: Basics of Teambuilding

Applying psychological system knowledge usually starts during player selection because everybody aims to build the best team possible.

Now is the time to go right… or left

Although the job market has picked up steam, it has not brought calm for HR managers. The number of HR professionals in the market has jumped drastically.

Concrete, Clay, and COVID

Tennis and vaccines on both sides of the Atlantic

Last year’s snow and new winds

By the end of 2020, we already saw that the “rest period” for employees was over. The entire labour market has mobilised.

THE STAGE: Live Nation Entertainment

When there is mass devastation, sometimes that frees companies up to experiment.

Castles by Ants – Episode 25: One-way Personalities

The opposite of a complex personality, a one-way personality is one where a player has a maximum of two personality types that reach four units.

The Marathon of Life: the First Checkpoint

We have reached the first important milestone of this business year: we are closing the first quarter. This is a priority every year, but what are the stakes of Q1 in 2021?

I didn’t cheat, I’m loyal!

Loyalty is perhaps one of the most important traits tested by the pandemic and its recession. But what is loyalty in 2021?

The Lucky and the Unlucky

One of the new and important aspects of business modernisation is the complete rethinking of our careers. We want to finally do something that we love!

THE STAGE: TechnoGym

The subject of our weekly analysis is the Italian-based fitness equipment manufacturer Technogym, a company helping the world fight off “lockdown body”.

Castles by Ants – Episode 24: Complex personalities

Personality assessments can show us whether someone’s personality is complex or unidirectional.

Innovation, brainstorming, enlightenment

Have you ever wondered what “innovation" means? What do professionals mean when they call 2021 "the year of meaningful innovation”?

A small new group in the labour market

While “work-life balance” used to be aspirational, the crisis has reinforced it as a rock-hard expectation.