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DIAMOND­DOUGHKID / 006: The question of permanency

The biggest question in psychology about personality is when it actually develops and how constant it is.

Independent, Dissenting Opinion: The Supervision of Architectural Projects

It is not surprising that some form of consulting is necessary in almost every corner of the business world, and architecture is no exception.

A Genuine Smile Is Worth Everything

The reopening is far from a restart or a return to the old ways. Getting customers to return is far from an automatic process.

Ambitionist Rage: Part 2

His life was going according to plan, and according to all the rules written in the preceding half-century, it was a safe plan.

Ambitionist Rage: Part 1

Perhaps the most important feature of this generation is that they have consistently been in the wrong place at the wrong time. And they are angry because of it.


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Castles by Ants – Episode 31: Competition Systems and Their Rules

If we are aware of management’s goals, we can start building a successful team along those lines. Every sport has its trends, and when...

My Profession: Luxury Consumer!

Is it truly possible to acknowledge that any given person deserves a standard of living built on unnecessary spending?

Disruptors and Grey Eminences

After the pandemic, the issue of wages and “wage tensions” seems to be changing, and the best employers are already working on how to differentiate their key people.

When a frustrated person leads an even more frustrated one

Experts say we’re close to getting our lives back to normal, but our people are coming back to work with the baggage and frustration of the past year and a half. Should we start to worry?

The Stage: Johnson & Johnson

The company is more, much more, than its vaccine.

COVID-19 RE-OPENING EXCLUSIVE: Nr. 10. – Los Angeles and the COVID Olympics

Whether we like it or not, and whether we say it out loud or not, we are going to have "COVID Champions".

COVID-19 RE-OPENING EXCLUSIVE: Nr. 9. – The Serial Killer and the Athlete

COVID has opened a new chapter in sport. The last five months have revolved around preparing for this extraordinary crisis from a psychological perspective.

COVID-19 RE-OPENING EXCLUSIVE: Nr. 8. – Chatterbox? Manipulation? Destroy it now! Organisational Development Guide 2021, Part 2

Ours partners expect concrete answers, explanations, and, most importantly, a solution.

COVID-19 RE-OPENING EXCLUSIVE: Nr. 7. – Sneaking Turnover

It is interesting and perhaps surprising that amid such chaos, more candidates are interviewing while still employed.

COVID-19 RE-OPENING EXCLUSIVE: Nr. 6. – The Awakening of International Expansion

2020 brought about many trends, many negative and some quite positive. By far the biggest winner of the pandemic now appears to be international expansion.

COVID-19 RE-OPENING EXCLUSIVE: Nr. 5. – I’m bored, so I’m here

Business owners from the Diplomatic Generation are pushing ahead during the crisis.

COVID-19 RE-OPENING EXCLUSIVE: Nr. 4. – The first report cards

In 2020, decision-makers did their best to manage the COVID Crisis. Now, the world will see just how successful they were.

COVID-19 RE-OPENING EXCLUSIVE: Nr. 3. – Empathy Will Kill You

How will consumers behave? Why will they start buying again, or why will they avoid spending money?

COVID-19 RE-OPENING EXCLUSIVE: Nr. 2. – An Arranged Marriage

Many successful companies are headed by people who exhibit personality traits from the opposite ends of the psychological spectrum.