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Crisis management lessons from an American sports scandal, Part 1

I need a wake-up call! (Part 1)

Gergő Nidermayer, head of ENDORIENCE and EKI Creative, speaks about how the Point of Sale (POS) sector is transforming and becoming a premium category in the wake of the COVID Crisis.

The mouthpieces and the quiet ones

The “home office” framework is not a lot of fun, nor is it a temporary COVID solution that can be discarded immediately upon reopening; it is a big motivator that drastically affects employee preference.

The American Super League Drama, Part 2: Show me the money!

“The NCAA’s business model would be flatly illegal in almost any other industry in America”.

The American Super League Drama, Part 1: The Power Five/One

When discussing anything about the United States, even college football, we always like to start with the money.


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The wave that washes it all away

Good businesspeople can sell themselves. The more intense the events in the world at large, the easier it is for “smart” managers to do so.

Inner Saboteur

The “inner voice” of the athlete has always been an important consideration, but never so much emphasis has been placed on how to not only ignore them, but also manage them on their merits.

The Unknown Rider

“When I crossed the line, I thought I had won”

The 480 Horsepower Nightmare

No matter how much the market for high-end products grows on the demand side, the supply side still often falls behind.

This might be an expensive summer!

The fourth wave is already queued up, and we have grown accustomed to the “two-faced” nature of the market since the last crisis.

The Ghost Olympics

"If I don’t do well, I am not going to worry about it too much. Paris will be my real ‘first Olympics’. This doesn’t really count”

COVID Is Not Over

As much as world leaders love to talk about the global community, COVID has shown that countries put themselves first when push comes to shove.

The Stage: American Airlines

This week we are taking a look at American Airlines, the largest airline in the United States and a bellwether for the nation’s entire airline industry.

Transforming Sales

If anyone wants to succeed in sales, they need to be professional and innovative. Oh, and one more thing: “no bullshit”!

Vulture Communication

Another important period in brand-building is coming. From a communications standpoint, companies seem to have managed to wake up in time, all circling the opportunity like vultures.

A European Travel Industry Update

How close are we to getting back to 2019? Not close enough.

The True Value of In-Person Meetings

By directing a significant portion of the work to online space, managerial existence has been radically transformed. What is happening to this virtual world now that we have the opportunity to meet in person again?

Hindsight is 2021!

Looking back at our predictions about post-COVID life from last year.

The Super League drama, or a lesson in mass vs premium in sport. Episode 4: The Lexus Concept

Once you have started in the premium direction, you cannot stop halfway, because then you will only end up with a mass product that is hated by the masses