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The Controversial World of Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono is still a difficult person to judge objectively, since she not only divided the Beatles' camp, but until the tragic murder of John Lennon, almost no one sympathised with her.

The Behemoth

In a monumental move reshaping the landscape of the American financial sector, Capital One announced on Monday its plans to acquire Discover.

The American Withdrawal

Americans have become far less social in recent years, leading to impacts across business, culture, and society.

BillingEngine: Revolutionizing Invoicing for Freelancers and SMEs

A look at one of Germany’s most exciting young companies.

“Peak TV” Has Officially Peaked

Recent data shows a 14% decline in the number of scripted television series aired or streamed in the United States last year.


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ICONS: David Hockney

One of British artist David Hockney's early works, a painting of the well-known pool motif that has not been seen by the public for more than 40 years, is about to go on the auction block for an estimated $20 million.

The Unexpected Business Impacts of Valentine’s Day

A day traditionally associated with romance and love has evolved into a significant commercial holiday, exerting pressure on a surprisingly broad array of sectors.

The Anti-Valentine’s Day Market

Some see the holiday as reminder of commercialism or pressures associated with displaying love in a materialistic fashion, but there are products for them, too.

Good Earnings, Good Omens

On Friday, the stock market experienced a notable surge, propelling the S&P 500 index above the 5,000 mark for the first time, a move buoyed by a series of earnings reports that exceeded expectations.

The Ripple Effect of Red Sea Attacks: Rising Costs, Delays, and Concerns for Global Supply Chains

Recent attacks on commercial ships in the Red Sea by the Iranian-backed Houthi militia have sent shockwaves through the global shipping industry.

The Unsettling Impact of Gambling on America’s Beloved Sport

Over the past decade, the National Football League (NFL) has undergone a radical transformation in its stance on sports betting.

GAME/ACTION/MATCH: 10 great sports films in recent years

Halls and rings, stadiums and pitches — all fertile ground for filmmakers to showcase human performance and perseverance

The Soft Landing Part 2: Demographics and Policy Challenges

As the global economy embraces an optimistic start in 2024, marked by receding inflation and resilient growth, one nation stands out for its surprising strength – the United States.

The Soft Landing Part 1: The Resilient U.S. Economy

As the global economy embraces an optimistic start in 2024, marked by receding inflation and resilient growth, one nation stands out for its surprising strength – the United States.

EGOT! (Part 2)

Sir Elton John has long been considered a living legend. His latest accolade this year sees him join the exclusive EGOT club, making him the 19th artist to win all four major awards (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony) in his career.

The Tech Giants and the Layoffs

As the tech industry enters 2024, a new phase of cost-cutting has emerged, with the largest firms making smaller, targeted layoffs while focusing on fewer projects and redirecting resources to key products such as artificial intelligence.

The Unraveling of China’s Real Estate Empire

For decades, Chinese homebuyers operated under the unwavering belief that real estate was a can't-lose investment, but a dramatic shift has occurred.

Tempus: Transforming Cancer Care Through Data and Innovation

Founded in 2015 in Chicago, Tempus has emerged as a leader in precision medicine, utilizing advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to personalize cancer treatment.

George Carlin Estate Sues Podcast for AI Impersonation

This legal clash sheds light on the evolving landscape of AI usage in creative works and the delicate balance between innovation and intellectual property rights.