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Team-Oriented Characters on Teams, in Business

2021 is about having to accept the new and give up some of the old, it will be a difficult time for team-oriented characters.

Selfish Characters on Teams, In Sports

A major transformation is underway in team sports. A team is not just the collection of the best players, but the collection of people who can really work together.


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Selfish Characters on Teams, In Business

When and to what extent can we transform an existing team via teambuilding, and when should we decide to create a brand new one instead?

Personality Types and Team… Cohesion

The need for a team is a multidimensional process. As decision-makers, we need to be aware of why it is important for us to work in a team.

Defining dull, “neat” goals is not necessary

Reinterpreting the team as a concept is a central theme of 2021. It’s time to speak honestly about teambuilding as well!

The end of comfortable team leadership!

Regardless of high unemployment rates, employees have begun to quit and leave their jobs that did not even satisfy them before the crisis. The value of “teams” is increasing rapidly.

I didn’t cheat, I’m loyal!

Loyalty is perhaps one of the most important traits tested by the pandemic and its recession. But what is loyalty in 2021?

The Lucky and the Unlucky

One of the new and important aspects of business modernisation is the complete rethinking of our careers. We want to finally do something that we love!

Innovation, brainstorming, enlightenment

Have you ever wondered what “innovation" means? What do professionals mean when they call 2021 "the year of meaningful innovation”?

At the Epicentre of the “Never Normal”

An interview with Marc Coleman, the CEO of UNLEASH, about his company’s successful 2020 pivot from a leading events company to an expanding digital media firm.

A Piece of Earth

Comparing business development and the fight against viruses


DIAMOND­DOUGHKID / 005: The Basic Concepts of Personality

If we can define our own and others’ decision-making mechanisms, we know exactly where, in which field, under what circumstances, and with what expectations an individual can be successful.

No need to rush, but let’s pack our bags!

Some people will be able to thrive in this chaos and will now be able to make career moves they would not normally have had the chance to make.

Now is the time to learn about ourselves!

One of the most important differences between winners and losers is that winners learn from their past mistakes. And the biggest winners also learn from the mistakes of others.

Castles by Ants – Episode 30: Supporter and Expert Coaches

The Supporter coach lives for the team. For them, it is of utmost importance that they have to work for the team and fight for the team. Their goal is to build a team where this is the value system that matters.

Lifting the Trophy with a Bruised Ego

Certain personality types are more concerned with personal performance than team performance.