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Local Outsourcing

How an Australian company began competing against big International players in the customer service industry.

Why “COVID discounts” in big cities did not last

It has to do with supply and demand.


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The Memes Keep on Coming

Why meme stocks seem to be lasting beyond the pandemic.

A YEAR AGO: Cheaters Never Lose, Part 3: A Slap on the Wrist

Fines can be effective, but not when the fines are 5 million USD for an organisation valued at over 1.8 billion USD.

Oil is down, but is it out?

When war broke out in February, experts predicted oil at 200 USD/barrel. It is now at 90, but will it stay that way?

Tokyo 2022

Japan’s economy is finally recovering, but how long will it last?

It’s (Mostly) Electric!

The transition to elective vehicles has not been as fast as many had hoped, which has given plug-in hybrids their time to shine.

What this recession might solve

Lower inflation and greener energy infrastructure just might be the silver linings of this recession, as long as it is short-lived.

A YEAR AGO: A sore point for domestic businesses

Most business start their companies because they want them to become big. COVID has changed this attitude.

Spain’s Strike

The Iberian nation does not want to be punished for the myopia of its neighbours.

A new captain for a strong ship

Tracking Santander’s navigation of an increasingly difficult financial market.

The Bloodbath

The biggest frauds in Silicon Valley history are one step closer to being punished.