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A YEAR AGO: Selfish Characters on Teams, In Business

When and to what extent can we transform an existing team via teambuilding, and when should we decide to create a brand new one instead?

Global Business Reputations

Despite how globalisation has made cities more homogenous than ever, one difference-maker has not changed: business reputation.


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Like At Home

Disrupting the European FMCG Sector

Baby Bust / Netflix Slides / Going Back

Three business stories we are following this week.

What’s that smell? Success.

2022 is seeing a new record of female CEOs at Fortune 500 companies, but women still have a long way to go to reach gender equity. We are highlighting some women entrepreneurs who are out to change those statistics.

What’s in a name?

Examining a telecom rebrand in the CEE region.

Wonder Women

A recurring column celebrating successful women across the business world.

The Sky is the Limit

When Amazon opted to keep their inventions to themselves, two French engineers decided to fill the void they left in the logistics marketplace.

The Influence of Influencers

Influencers are counterintuitive: by selling things, they become more famous. But they also produce lasting value for brands.

Up in the Air?

The present and future of business travel.

The Pitfalls of Windfall Taxes

Why imposing windfall taxes on energy price surges might not be the best policy.

Fuel to a well-fed fire / Electric Vehicles

The past can teach us a lot, and sometimes it can hold us back.