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If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys

The Australian advertising industry’s labour shortage is a microcosm of the global employment market.

Real Problems, Real Hits to Reputation

This paradox is startling: the richest cities full of some of the world’s richest people are full of people struggling to survive, and these factors affect business reputation


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A YEAR AGO: A Genuine Smile Is Worth Everything

The reopening is far from a restart or a return to the old ways. Getting customers to return is far from an automatic process.

Just a Flesh Wound

The Incoming “Mild” Recession

In focus next week: development-centred talent management

The focus on talent management is back on development today, the European Union bans oil imports by sea, and a scandalous Champions League final... from next week's column.

New strategic business position after the pandemic: Complex workforce management

In the wake of the pandemic, one of the cornerstones of today's workforce management is “automation”, and the line between HR and automation is fading away.

Digitising the Pharmacy Experience

Digitising the Pharmacy Experience

Prevention and Research for Maximum Performance – A European Premiere in Hungary

A new knowledge centre, based on a concept that has a decades-long history of success overseas, has started its activities in Hungary, assessing and managing people’s long-term health.

In focus next week: the outliers

The impact of generational behavioural trends in the post-COVID era, interview techniques in the post-COVID era from an experienced headhunter, price increases in the US, and an unlucky generation in China...

Fit for Life

The fitness industry experienced a contraction in 2021. 2022 will be the survival of the fittest.

Baby Blues

Two baby-related business stories we are following this week

In focus next week: premium vs mass, strategic trends

The rich who don't spend their money, interview techniques in the post-Covid era from a seasoned headhunter, price hikes across several industries, and the spectacular downfall of a golf icon.