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What goes under the tree absolutely matters!

A business gift must have a message, and everyone knows that they are not free.


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A Global Vaccine Status Update

How and when each country inoculates its citizens will have massive impacts on that nation’s prospects for the foreseeable future.

Pandora 2020

Coming to terms with the US Presidential Election

A Tale of Two Cities

There is no doubt about it: the pandemic is intensifying inequality across the world.

Victory cannot be shameful!

Will we be free to celebrate ourselves as winners if we emerge from the crisis victorious?

COVID is the new MBA

Some businesspeople studied in lecture halls, while others learned on the job while building and running real businesses.

Honesty Wins in the End

Why was employee retention so unimportant until now?

The Conference Phoenix

There is no mistaking it: the pre-COVID definition of “business conference” is dead.

Through blue-tinted glasses, the world is also blue!

Leaders do not even realise how much damage generalisations can do to their businesses, organisations, and ultimately to themselves.

Empathy Will Kill You

How will consumers behave? Why will they start buying again, or why will they avoid spending money?

Thank U, Next!

Ariana Grande topped the charts singing about growing and learning from each of her partnerships. Each partner taught her something different and essential about herself.


The Child Athlete and COVID-19

The virtual world has taken over the lives of children, overshadowing the need for exercise. Sports professionals are unable to do anything about it.

More Work, More Spotlight: Sport in 2021

The sporting world seems to be recovering from last year’s shock. Preparation for the Tokyo Games has reached its final stage, which means more work now!

Castles by Ants – Episode 14: The Private Life of the Individual Type

The life of an Individual is by no means boring. After all, they are entertaining and want to be entertained.

Hunters Needed

Sales strategies that have worked well before COVID are now powerless.

The curse of being good – Organisational Development Guide 2021, Part 3

The ability to manipulate is not necessarily bad for the company; in fact, it can be especially beneficial in certain circumstances.