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The Lowering Ceiling: Tornadoes, Crypto, and Mudslides Push US Debt Default Deadline

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has reiterated the urgency for the US government to raise the debt ceiling, warning of dire consequences if the deadline is not met.

Argentine’s Woes

Argentina is set to announce new emergency measures, including a significant increase in interest rates to 97%, in an attempt to address the country's severe economic crisis.


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The Activision Acquisition

The European Union has approved Microsoft's proposed $69 billion acquisition of gaming company Activision Blizzard.

Tesla Recalls 1.1 Million Cars in China Over Braking Defect

Tesla has announced a recall of more than 1.1 million cars in China due to a potential braking defect.

Hollywood + AI

The Writers Guild of America (WGA) has announced that it will be partnering with OpenAI, the creator of the GPT language model, to develop a new tool to assist screenwriters.

Another Bank Goes Bust

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has seized control of First Republic, a bank with a long history of serving wealthy clients, citing concerns about the bank's financial stability and risk management

The Lyft Layoffs

The ride-hailing service that operates primarily in the United States is reportedly preparing to lay off approximately 1,200 people, or around 30% of its workforce.

The EV Beneficiaries

A 7,500 USD tax break authorised under the Inflation Reduction Act will shape the American electrical vehicle market for years to come.

The Marijuana Legalisation Push in Germany

Germany is on the verge of introducing a bill to legalize cannabis, with plans that could make it the world's largest regulated national cannabis market and the first country in the EU to permit its commercial sale.

The Moment of Truth

With the rise of health consciousness following COVID, more and more solutions to protect human health have appeared on the market. One such area is spa and medicinal water treatment.

Inflation and Labour

Predicting the next steps of an unpredictable American economy

The French Press

Macron will pressure Xi in China not to send military support to Russia.