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Victory cannot be shameful!

Will we be free to celebrate ourselves as winners if we emerge from the crisis victorious?

COVID is the new MBA

Some businesspeople studied in lecture halls, while others learned on the job while building and running real businesses.


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Honesty Wins in the End

Why was employee retention so unimportant until now?

The Conference Phoenix

There is no mistaking it: the pre-COVID definition of “business conference” is dead.

Through blue-tinted glasses, the world is also blue!

Leaders do not even realise how much damage generalisations can do to their businesses, organisations, and ultimately to themselves.

Empathy Will Kill You

How will consumers behave? Why will they start buying again, or why will they avoid spending money?

Thank U, Next!

Ariana Grande topped the charts singing about growing and learning from each of her partnerships. Each partner taught her something different and essential about herself.

Welcome HOME… office!

I love my neighbourhood: it’s green, quiet, and shows who I really am. A husband. A father. An employee, nowadays.


Most companies are going through very intense redesigns. At the strategic level, they are working to prepare themselves to meet market expectations

Careful, but effective first steps

It is evident that automation is one of today’s most evolving businesses.


The Great Recession vs The Corona Crash

Part 2: The Global Oil and Gas Industry

Conscious Advancement!

Man in the Ivory Tower: Part 5 of 5

Castles by Ants – Episode 10: Modifications from the Athlete’s Personal Life

We athletes still have lives, pasts, problems, families, and we are members of a society.

Simple and Useful!

Man in the Ivory Tower: Part 4 of 5

Let’s try something striking!

Man in the Ivory Tower: Part 3 of 5