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The FTX Fallout Continues: Binance’s Woes

Binance is witnessing its assets and influence wane.

Spain’s Approach to Work

Spain’s progressive approach is exemplified by two recent government actions: Big Four Inspections and Paid Menstrual Leave.


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Betting Against a Recession

Some experts believe that the American economy can avoid entering into a recession in 2023.

(Insert Country) First: Part 1

America is leading a dangerous global trend toward more subsidies, export controls and economic protectionism.

The Climate Series

The conclusion of our climate change and international development discussion. Part 4: Consequences for International Security

Some Good News?

Germany's economy grew by 1.9% in 2022 despite the crisis and is moving away from recession

The Amazon Culls

Fighting to get ahead of leaks, the company has increased the size of the layoffs it announced in November.

The Great Reopening

China has reentered the group chat.

2022’s Top Ten: #2

A Greying World

It’s Worse Than We Thought

Former FTX CEO and crypto golden boy has been arrested for fraud, leaving the crypto market at an impasse.

Is Inflation Finally Easing?

New inflation figures have finally defied prediction (in a good way).

Zero No More! Part 2

Beijing has finally, finally given up its increasingly ridiculous Zero COVID policy, and that bodes well for the global economy.