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Concrete, Clay, and COVID

Tennis and vaccines on both sides of the Atlantic

Unlimited Opportunities

What employers unequivocally expect from sales is that revenues should increase, but they should hardly hear about it.


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Now we know the answer: the X factor!

One of the best aspects of consulting is that serious partnerships reach an elevated honesty level. This brings us to the issue of trust.

Will is not enough; you also need knowledge: planning and calculability in real estate investment

The most striking change from this crisis is the need for predictability. In the field of real estate investment, the predictability of realistic planning, the almighty “budget”, has become especially important.

I Want to Be Somebody – With Intelligence and Humility Against Self-Destruction

Maybe everyone wants to be “someone”. At the same time, the wise managers only wants to be important in the fields they choose, in the business circles they define.

A promise made is a debt unpaid

Anybody trying to sell something often paints a more beautiful picture than reality. Where is the middle ground where promotional phrases are not just empty promises?

Everybody drives against the flow of traffic. So what?

Follow trends or buck them: if everyone cultivates business this way, should you go that way? This eternal question is gaining new meaning in the field of automation.

The Heart of Architecture

Architecture, one of the fastest-growing industries of the last decade, is constantly showing new directions. These changes will play an increasingly important role as the end of the crisis unfolds.

Falling off of the throne of tricks

Deception is no longer fit for today’s business culture. Stable, fair partners have come to the fore, and they are the only ones that can provide real business solutions.

The Instinct Olympics (January 2021 Business Results)

The start of this year is unprecedented. Nobody has ever experienced something like this in their careers. Now that it is 2021, the Olympics of business have officially begun.

Independence vs Brand Loyalty

Automation is now present to some degree in the life of every company that focuses on efficiency. The next stage, according to experts, is the development of brand independence.

The first report cards

In 2020, decision-makers did their best to manage the COVID Crisis. Now, the world will see just how successful they were.


The new factor of the labour market: Relocations due to COVID – Part 2

How each country handled the COVID Crisis will have a significant impact on where the best professionals choose to build their careers.

THE STAGE: Mars Inc.

The pet care industry has been one of the primary beneficiaries of the COVID Crisis.

Castles by Ants – Episode 27: Basics of Cohesion

If the core of the team is set, then the key is maintaining team cohesion, and certainly, the coach is not just the leader but also a member of the team!

The new factor of the labour market: Relocations due to COVID – Part 1

As a result of the crisis, new demands and expectations have appeared in the labour market. One of the most important of these is “sensible and safe location” that is now an employee expectation.

The Awakening of International Expansion

2020 brought about many trends, many negative and some quite positive. By far the biggest winner of the pandemic now appears to be international expansion.