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2021’s Top Ten: #9

The Super League drama, or a lesson in mass vs premium in sport - Episode 1: How did football become a mass product?

2021’s Top Ten: #10

Inner Saboteur


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What CEOS can learn from the College Football Coaching Circus

If I had one word to describe the business behind American college football, I would say “bizarre”.

Translated Psychology: Attitudes towards Sports Psychologists, Part 2

What peer-reviewed articles say and do not say about perceptions towards sports psychologists.

Translated Psychology: Attitudes towards Sports Psychologists, Part 1

Although sports psychology is a hot topic, there are surprisingly few peer-reviewed works about it!

The Underdogs?

The Atlanta Braves are perhaps one of the biggest underdogs ever to win the World Series, but they are not your traditional Cinderella story.

Sport & Stigma

One stigma that is currently undergoing a major transition is mental illness, and much of the public discussion about mental illness has centred around professional athletes.

STEP UP! – Mental preparation in team sports for higher-level struggles, Episode 4: The Control

At the end of the first part of the season, teams need objective professionals to evaluate the team's performance. This is perhaps the most difficult challenge for a recently promoted squat.

STEP UP! – Mental preparation for higher-level struggles in team sports, Episode 3: “Team-oriented” personality types in the higher leagues

Routine, familiar elements, and a familiar environment are the basic success criteria for team-oriented players, but none of these is a given in a new league.

STEP UP! – Mental Preparation for Higher-Level Struggles in Team Sports, Episode 2: “Self-Oriented” Personality Types in the Higher Leagues

One might expect that self-oriented types are the most capable of making the leap to the top divisions, but unfortunately, that is not always the case.

STEP UP! Mental preparation for higher-level struggles in team sports (Episode 1)

Starting a new, higher-level championship, regardless of country or league, is one of the biggest challenges in team sports.

The Business Developer Friend: The transformation of business development as a result of COVID-19 (Episode 6)

From a mental point of view, Tokyo was the greatest challenge for both the athletes and the experts preparing them.


Swallow the Premium Frog – The Drastic Transformation of the Premium Market (Part 2)

This long-running process will be brought to its conclusion by COVID.

Let’s go to Paris in a Porsche – Complex mental mentoring in sport

Complex mental mentoring is still limited in the international sporting world today. However, where it is used, it is showing very strong results.

Of Mice and Men

How Omicron has delayed the “return to office” movement of the world’s leading companies.

If you’re not at the forefront of technology, you’re losing

Automobile Industry Insights from Audi CEO Markus Duesmann