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LIV and let live?

When the PGA Tour began suspending players who chose to compete in the LIV Golf series, it was only a matter of time before things would make it to the courtroom.

Tour of Promise / Going out on Top / Griner’s Deal

Three sports stories we are following this week


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The Empty Championships

We expected stadiums to be empty during the pandemic, but in July 2022 in the United States? The 2022 World Athletics Championships took place in a ghost town.

A YEAR AGO: Inner Saboteur

The “inner voice” of the athlete has always been an important consideration, but never so much emphasis has been placed on how to not only ignore them, but also manage them on their merits.

What’s in a name, image, likeness? / Another day, another defection

Two sports stories we are following this week

The Wimbledon Recap

A lot happened in a memorable fortnight marked by absences, nerves, and talent. Here are the main takeaways from the world’s most prestigious tennis event.

Formula One Grapples with a Safety Crisis / The Power Two

Driver safety versus spectacle / Consolidate or be left behind in college football

Athletes are not Immune

By detaining a basketball star and a top NHL prospect, Russia is destroying its status as a talent pipeline and an ideal destination.

A YEAR AGO: The Super League drama, or a lesson in mass vs premium in sport. Episode 4: The Lexus Concept

Once you have started in the premium direction, you cannot stop halfway, because then you will only end up with a mass product that is hated by the masses

Water Polo in Budapest and a Wimbledon marked by absences

Sports stories we are following this week

The Complete Résumé / The Delayed World Cup

Sports stories we are following this week

Threats to a Monopoly

How the changing landscape of professional golf represents changed expectations in workplaces worldwide.