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From Madrid to Kentucky

Three sports stories we are following this week.

The Referee Whisperers (Part 2)

Teams with system-based approaches to referee manipulation are at a distinct advantage, no matter the sport.


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Searching for Sharapova / Mr Irrelevant

Sports stories we are following this week

A YEAR AGO: Behind the Scenes

Lesser-known Struggles of Professional Athletes during COVID

The Referee Whisperers (Part 1)

Two consulting firms have emerged that improve how players and coaches interact with, and manipulate, referees.

The Wimbledon Ban / Ten in a Row / The Dream Team

Three sports stories we are following this week.

The path to mental scouting – SCOUTING 2022-23 (Part 3)

Expectations for the new player define the individual crisis situation they will have to face on a new team

2 players, 2 million shirts, 0 Champions League wins

If anyone wants to prove how important a conscious professional background has become in terms of player monitoring and signing new players, it is enough to point to the track record of Paris Saint-German.

The Super League – One Year Later

The slow rise and shockingly fast fall of the European Super League.

Don’t let the player take the blame – SCOUTING 2022-23 (Part 2)

In order to make a really good decision about a prospective player, we need to define the differences between the current mental environment and the one they are in.

Calculated Loss – SCOUTING 2022-23 (Part 1)

In addition to the traditional scouting method, a complex mental imaging based on conscious observation, psychological, generational, even social media and online presence has been developed in recent years.

Tweet Termination / The Master of the Masters / The Third Retirement

Frank Vogel, Scottie Scheffler, and Kim Clijsters: Sports stories we are following this week.