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American European Football

The NFL is continuing its international expansion to Europe.

Who Wants Ronaldo?

Ronaldo is not happy at Manchester United, and the feeling is mutual.


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A YEAR AGO: STEP UP! – Mental preparation in team sports for higher-level struggles, Episode 4: The Control

At the end of the first part of the season, teams need objective professionals to evaluate the team's performance. This is perhaps the most difficult challenge for a recently promoted squat.

Another GOAT Says Goodbye

Thank you for everything, Roger Federer.

When the Halftime Show is not the Main Attraction

Apple and the NFL are approaching a historic deal.

A Surprise Eurobasket

An inexperienced team versus an All-NBA Roster. What could go wrong?

The sentient Superman and the flesh and blood Wonder Woman

There is an increasing focus on the fact that athletes are human beings, and that they not only want to win competitions, but also want to live happy lives.

The Next Gen or the Next GOAT?

After his win in Flushing Meadows, it’s no wonder that Carlos “Carlitos” Alcaraz is being compared to some of the best to ever play the game.

Mental mentoring: the new arena for elite sports

At least 50% of the success of elite athletes depends on their mental state. Yet it is very difficult to turn your back on the past in terms of how much achieving the perfect mental state is worth...


Saying goodbye to Serena Williams, the best there ever was.

AC Milan’s New American Owners / Gender-ball Equity

Sports stories we are following this week

Down, but not out

Mercedes has had a rough year, but the German automaker is battling back in this year’s F1 standings.