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Good artists copy; great artists steal

Why does a recently released Beyoncé song have 27 authors? Because giving songwriting credit to someone is easier than a lengthy court battle.

Run the World, Beyoncé!

Beyoncé's highly anticipated seventh studio album, Renaissance, was finally released on Friday, marking the icon's first solo album in six years.


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Not everyone necessarily likes to share the limelight, and perhaps out of artistic necessity, friction, or simply the promise of a fat contract, they prefer to go solo.

Renaissance: music revived

Kate Bush is having the time of her life, and it's all thanks to Stranger Things.

Dead at Last

Pop culture is dead, and we have killed it.

Focus on the art: Emmy 2022 (Part 2)

Although the top contenders for September's awards will most likely be Succession, Ted Lasso, or The White Lotus, let's take a look at some...

Focus on the art: The Emmys 2022 (Part 1)

For the first time, the Television Academy announced this year's Emmy nominees without highlighting which channel or streaming platform triumphed.

2022 – An old/new Summer in Cinemas (Part 2)

2022 finally arrives with a hefty summer movie line-up compared to the truncated COVID output of the past two years, and seems to be something of a return to the expectations of the pre-pandemic world.

Fashion Metaverse: Paris Fashion Week 2022

The week in Paris was all about beautiful gowns! Dior, Chanel, Schiaparelli, Iris van Herpen... the French capital once again showcased the greats of fashion.

One Doll Above All

Perfect (?) curves, an incredibly flat stomach, unrealistically thin legs, long blonde hair, huge round eyes, a charming radiant face... Yes, she's Barbie!

Before we get lost in a galaxy far, far away…

The ever-expanding Star Wars universe that has dominated big screens for so long will be capturing small screens for the foreseeable future.

The King

He came out of nowhere, performed a miracle, and then became an inescapable legend.