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Tokyo 2022

Japan’s economy is finally recovering, but how long will it last?

Winter is Coming

The State of Energy Prices Across Europe


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The Little Bull

As inflation subsides, the stock market is seeing steady increases for the first time since October.

Amazon’s Acqusitions

Amazon’s new CEO is showing that the company is willing to spend big money to gain more ground in the IoT space.

It’s (Mostly) Electric!

The transition to elective vehicles has not been as fast as many had hoped, which has given plug-in hybrids their time to shine.

The Fifteen Per Cent

Russia’s gas games and how they are testing EU solidarity.

What this recession might solve

Lower inflation and greener energy infrastructure just might be the silver linings of this recession, as long as it is short-lived.

A YEAR AGO: A sore point for domestic businesses

Most business start their companies because they want them to become big. COVID has changed this attitude.

After the boom comes the…

The white-hot global housing market is showing signs of cooling as governments throughout the world raise interest rates, and mortgages become harder to come by.

Rates on rates on rates

The Fed continues to increase interest rates to combat inflation.

Ukraine / Gazprom / Amazon

Three news stories we are following this week.

Organisational Development in the Leader’s Shadow (Part 5): there’s always room for improvement, and now there’s a reason to do it

The Expert type's thinking on development is very clear: you have to develop throughout your life. You need to expand your knowledge and professionalism, and age can't stop you.