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Baby Blues

Two baby-related business stories we are following this week

Price Hikes 2022

The world keeps setting new records, and not in a good way.


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Strategic Trends: Premium vs mass (Part 1): The rich who don’t spend their money

Being rich does not necessarily make you a premium customer. And some people have a premium attitude, but do not have the money to live up to it.

A YEAR AGO: Selfish Characters on Teams, In Business

When and to what extent can we transform an existing team via teambuilding, and when should we decide to create a brand new one instead?

In focus next week: premium vs mass, strategic trends

The rich who don't spend their money, interview techniques in the post-Covid era from a seasoned headhunter, price hikes across several industries, and the spectacular downfall of a golf icon.

When the good priest does not want to learn until he dies: the present and future of outsourcing

Top decision-makers are increasingly involving external experts in more and more areas to provide objective assessments, even as early as the audit of operational processes and internal knowledge.

Modern communication solutions (episode 3): prolonged impact, huge “luck”

What makes a media outlet professional in the eyes of premium consumers? First and foremost, it's the design, the content, and the existence of a “niche target group".

Making Science, Making Waves

The pandemic completely rewrote the digital marketing playbook; it’s time to adapt or die.

Modern Communication Solutions (Part 2): Premium online communication

The first rule of premium online communications is to forget the allure of big numbers, as the biggest advantage is precisely the ability to target and reach the right audience.

Small Violin / Snapchat / Stock Slides

Three stories impacting the business world that we are following this week.

Global Business Reputations

Despite how globalisation has made cities more homogenous than ever, one difference-maker has not changed: business reputation.

Modern Communication Solutions (Part 1): From traditional advertising to social media disappointment

It's always been a fundamental truth that a communication channel should be used for what it's designed for, and this has been equally true for social media platforms.