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Hollywood Strikes: Writers Guild Tentative Deal Offers Glimpse of Stability

After 146 days the Writers Guild of America, representing over 11,000 screenwriters, reached a tentative agreement with entertainment companies.

NECM: Responsibility in transport

The most quality problems in a transport job are caused by the inadequate execution of the planning phase. Along these lines, clear ownership and permanent availability are essential elements of NECM.


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Ghana’s Ongoing Debt Crisis: Implications for the Nation’s Economy and Beyond

There are mounting debts owed by Ghana’s government entities to thousands of contractors.

Gross Debt: America’s Growing Debt Crisis and Its Impact on Business

America's gross national debt surpassed a staggering $33 trillion for the first time.

The experienced design behind the spa experience

Due to the energy intensity of the spa sector, high-quality professional design is needed to achieve sustainable, fault-free, water-efficient, and health-friendly operation in the long term.

China’s Cosmetics Market Flourishes Amidst Regulatory Challenges for Foreign Brands

In the midst of China's economic uncertainties, one sector is shining brightly: the cosmetics industry, but Western companies are not getting the ROI they think they deserve.

Hipercor: Transforming the Retail Landscape in Spain

In the heart of Spain's retail sector, one company stands out for its long-standing legacy of excellence and innovation.

Kroger to Pay $1.2 Billion in Opioid Crisis Settlement

Kroger, the well-known grocery chain, announced its agreement to pay approximately $1.2 billion to states, local governments, and Native American tribes to resolve allegations of its involvement in contributing to the opioid crisis.

Is Cable Broken? Part 2: The Stalemate

Drops in traditional media stocks have led to a broader sell-off in the entertainment industry.

Is Cable Broken? Part 1: Examining the Decline of Traditional Cable TV

One of the biggest players in the industry has delivered a stark message to its partners and investors: the traditional cable-TV model is broken and in dire need of repair or abandonment.

The Impact of Potential UAW Strike on U.S. Auto Industry and Economy, Part 2

A strike against any top automaker, particularly if it becomes a protracted dispute, has the potential to send economic shockwaves throughout the heartland of the United States

Impending Auto Workers Strike Threatens Detroit Automakers, Part 1

The United Auto Workers (UAW) union and Detroit's big three automakers are racing against time, with less than two weeks left to negotiate a new labour contract, and the possibility of a strike is looming large on the horizon.