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Busting Baristas

Starbucks is going to close the first Seattle location where workers voted to unionise earlier this year.

Empty Offices

Companies that are struggling to fill their offices are also having trouble selling them.


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Living Water (Part 2)

Public baths and swimming pools as dangerous environments – Water composition analysis and expert advice to improve health

Mind the Cap

Brussels plans on setting a price cap for natural gas in the EU.

Oil Cycle

Falling oil prices might be one silver lining of the global recession.

The Ticketmaster Debacle

Besides angering "Swifties”, Ticketmaster may have flown too close to the sun.

Qatar: officially “not cool”

The World Cup host is struggling to find performers for their opening ceremony.

Keep calm and…?

The world has expected a UK recession, but the nation is entering into one faster than predicted.

The Death of FTX

FTX, one of the most reputable cryptocurrency exchanges, filed for bankruptcy on Friday.

A YEAR AGO: Age of Change – Episode 2: The Winners of Change

There are types of business decision-makers for whom it is natural to have to break tradition from time to time, rethink their activities, and develop new directions.

On the Lips of CEOs

More and more CEOs are uttering the “r-word” during earnings calls.

Erasmus in the post-pandemic EU: Part 2

This article looks at recent cost-of-living data to show the differences among potential Erasmus locations, thereby also giving an insight into the economic situations in various countries.