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12/4: The Modern Generational System

Decision-making mechanisms of The Authoritarians, The Precisionists, The Diplomats, & The Ambitionists.

Out of the Premium Box

This year is a year for new strategies, and whether you like it or not, it will be most evident in the premium product market!


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I’m bored, so I’m here

Business owners from the Diplomatic Generation are pushing ahead during the crisis.


No matter how we look at the COVID Crisis, and no matter which sector we want to analyse, psychology always comes to the fore.

Invisible Touch

A vicious attack has been made on our private lives! This is true for everybody: simple workers, managers, and business owners.

Broadway Has Closed

COVID-19 has drastically reorganised the decision-making mechanisms of consumers and business leaders.

Don’t Bury the Startups Alive

One of the most obvious and direct effects of any crisis is the replacement of creativity and brainstorming by a system-based approach.

This Apocalypse is Different

War. Revolution. State collapse. Deadly pandemics. No, these are not the themes of the latest Hollywood disaster blockbusters.


Castles by Ants – Episode 10: Modifications from the Athlete’s Personal Life

We athletes still have lives, pasts, problems, families, and we are members of a society.

Simple and Useful!

Man in the Ivory Tower: Part 4 of 5

Let’s try something striking!

Man in the Ivory Tower: Part 3 of 5

There’s the gap, attack now!

Man in the Ivory Tower: Part 2 of 5

Man in the Ivory Tower

A Business Strategy Guide for 2021: Part 1 of 5


Castles by Ants – Episode 1: PSYCHOLOGY AND SPORT

The perception of psychology in sport is constantly changing.

There’s the gap, attack now!

Man in the Ivory Tower: Part 2 of 5

The Business Pretenders

There are many covers of Sonny and Cher’s “I Got You Babe”, but my favourite is the UB40/Chrissie Hynde version.

A Clean, Honest Mirror

“Decision-making mechanisms and priorities have not changed to such an extent in the last 30 years.”

Castles by Ants – Episode 3: CRISIS IN SPORT

It can be paraphrased in many ways, but when it comes to the relationship between sport and psychology... READ MORE