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Modern communication solutions (episode 3): prolonged impact, huge “luck”

What makes a media outlet professional in the eyes of premium consumers? First and foremost, it's the design, the content, and the existence of a “niche target group".

Modern Communication Solutions (Part 2): Premium online communication

The first rule of premium online communications is to forget the allure of big numbers, as the biggest advantage is precisely the ability to target and reach the right audience.


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Modern Communication Solutions (Part 1): From traditional advertising to social media disappointment

It's always been a fundamental truth that a communication channel should be used for what it's designed for, and this has been equally true for social media platforms.

Price Strategy (Part 3): The sensible price

Recovering from the first phase of the COVID-19 crisis, reviewing and reshaping pricing strategy in a number of strategic areas is a key task.

Price Strategy (Part 2): Premium Pricing in 2022

The true premium market has developed, where price is almost irrelevant, and knowledge, service, or even faith, self-confidence, and other often intangible elements have taken centre stage.

Price Strategy (Part 1): Calculating price based on our own image

Is a product priced at what the market is willing to pay for it? Is the final absolute number actually related to the initial cost of production?

When we start from within: a turning point!

The world is increasingly about accepting others and understanding differences, but translating this into business, in a really serious way, is still a long way off for most companies.

When we start from within: the sky’s the limit when it comes to cleverness

The most exciting, spectacular, and suffering-laden area of business development programmes is brand-building and the design work that goes with it.

When we start from within: our own demons

One of the first rules of Marketing 101: even if a particular advertisement is not to our liking, it can still be very successful for the target group.

The Premiere of Fear (Part 2)

The current fear in the marketplace is deeper, less vibrant, but that is precisely why it is more frightening.

The Premiere of Fear (Part 1)

What is a crisis for one is an opportunity for another.

New References: The Changing Business Development Market (Part 2)

The emergence of younger business decision-makers in the market has brought a whole new approach to business.