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2022’s Top Ten: #3

Crisis, War, Strategy: Changing Strategy (Part 1)

2022’s Top Ten: #5

Spy Game (part 1): Selection-focused talent management


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2022’s Top Ten: #9

Strategic Trends: Premium vs mass (Part 1): The rich who don't spend their money

A YEAR AGO: Age of Change – Episode 2: The Winners of Change

There are types of business decision-makers for whom it is natural to have to break tradition from time to time, rethink their activities, and develop new directions.

The Era of the “Natural Idol”

Under the pressure of COVID, and punctuated by the consequences of a war that will have drastic repercussions in the months and years to come, the big question arises: how should a truly good leader behave and what should they do?

A YEAR AGO: The Business Developer Friend: The transformation of business development as a result of COVID-19 (Episode 3)

We've already seen that a business developer can be a good friend. But what dose of this friendship is healthy for business decision-makers?

Organisational Development in the Leader’s Shadow (Part 5): there’s always room for improvement, and now there’s a reason to do it

The Expert type's thinking on development is very clear: you have to develop throughout your life. You need to expand your knowledge and professionalism, and age can't stop you.

Organisational Development in the Leader’s Shadow (Part 4): Everything would be fine like it was

If we need a motto for Supporter decision-makers, the most appropriate versions all cluster around immutability.

Organisational Development in the Leader’s Shadow (Part 3): Unique, specific, and special

Individual business decision-makers see the crisis as a huge opportunity to exercise their creativity, communication, and influence.

Organisational development in the leader’s shadow (Part 2): Bigger, bigger, bigger!

A fundamental characteristic of Ruler leaders is that they like to show off their status, power, and greatness to the outside world.

Organisational development in the leader’s shadow (Part 1): Overall Development Indicator

Many people measure company progress in different ways. Some take pride in the growth of their organisation, some focus on revenue growth, and others are interested in profit.

A YEAR AGO: Vulture Communication

Another important period in brand-building is coming. From a communications standpoint, companies seem to have managed to wake up in time, all circling the opportunity like vultures.