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Chatterbox? Manipulation? Destroy it now! Organisational Development Guide 2021, Part 2

Ours partners expect concrete answers, explanations, and, most importantly, a solution.

What is really under the surface? Organisational Development Guide 2021, Part 1

2020’s home office efficiency figures were surprisingly positive. The key to this is the Individual personality.


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The Top Articles of 2020: Honourable Mention

The Fall of Superficiality in 2021

The Top 10 Articles of 2020: #3

Personality: Instigator / Behaviour: Perpetrator

The Top 10 Articles of 2020: #5

A Clean, Honest Mirror

Spotting the red flags

Useful and useless romantic partners at work.

The Fall of Superficiality in 2021

If we were to rank the “Top Losing Tickets of 2021”, then superficiality would be at the top of the list!

Personality: Instigator / Behaviour: Perpetrator

Everyone knows that our decisions have consequences, but we are less aware that our decisions are consequences.

A Clean, Honest Mirror

“Decision-making mechanisms and priorities have not changed to such an extent in the last 30 years.”

Sneaking Turnover

It is interesting and perhaps surprising that amid such chaos, more candidates are interviewing while still employed.

Less Partying, More Teambuilding

More HR leaders are incorporating serious psychological elements into teambuilding programmes; they are designing events and workshops based on the personalities of the participants.

Your Social Dilemma

The employee market is changing drastically in 2020. But there are expectations and rules that will always stay the same.


The Child Athlete and COVID-19

The virtual world has taken over the lives of children, overshadowing the need for exercise. Sports professionals are unable to do anything about it.

More Work, More Spotlight: Sport in 2021

The sporting world seems to be recovering from last year’s shock. Preparation for the Tokyo Games has reached its final stage, which means more work now!

Castles by Ants – Episode 14: The Private Life of the Individual Type

The life of an Individual is by no means boring. After all, they are entertaining and want to be entertained.

Hunters Needed

Sales strategies that have worked well before COVID are now powerless.

The curse of being good – Organisational Development Guide 2021, Part 3

The ability to manipulate is not necessarily bad for the company; in fact, it can be especially beneficial in certain circumstances.