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Silver Linings

If you were to compete in the Olympics, would you rather win a silver medal or a bronze medal? Counterintuitively, a bronze might be better for your mental well-being.

The three sisters: the relationship between idolism, talent management, and employer branding

Today's talent management problem is the result of idol management and employer branding, which means that to solve it, you need something that can address these three areas simultaneously.


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Following the Idols (Part 5): The Authoritarian Generation (1949-1960)

The Authoritarians were self-educated and more accepting of youth and novelty than, for example, the younger Perfectionists.

Keeping up with the Joneses

Microsoft is not the only multinational planning to pay employees even more despite last year’s record salary increases.

Following the Idols (Part 4): Followers generation (1997-2008)

In the Follower Generation, those who do not take responsibility for society, for the common good and for the community, cannot remain idols.

Following the Idols (Part 3): The Ambitionist Generation (1985-1996)

The biggest change in the HR market, the absolute focus on idolism and talent management, was clearly motivated by this generation.

Following the Idols (Part 2): the Perfectionist Generation (1961-1972)

This generation had a beautifully constructed system that could be followed in a perfect, predictable way, and didn't want any changes.

Following the Idols (Part 1): The Generation of Diplomats (1973-1984)

A series on the business idols of different generations

Blue-Collar Salary Changes in 2022

If you do not work in the HR profession, you may be surprised by how people rank compensation when evaluating job prospects.

Salary Wars – Consulting & Legal

Prices are going up across the board, but so too are salaries among knowledge-focussed positions. This trend is apparent across consulting, accounting, and law.

A YEAR AGO: When a frustrated person leads an even more frustrated one

Experts say we’re close to getting our lives back to normal, but our people are coming back to work with the baggage and frustration of the past year and a half. Should we start to worry?

The Age of Outliers (Part 3): Winning Outliers

In a crisis, authenticity and credibility are highly valued. Every era has its expectations, and it is by meeting them that someone is said to be credible.