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Home Human

When people are aboard the sunk cost ship

After seeing her failure to progress, I have realised that her intense focus on improving her weaknesses has kept her from improving—and capitalising—on her strengths.

Cancelling “I Feel Like”

While someone can attack the merits of an argument or belief, no one is supposed to be able to invalidate your feelings.


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The Great Waste

I do not know much about what my brother did while stationed in Afghanistan, but I know why he had to come home.

Another Broken Brain: Cell Phone Addiction

Before COVID, I considered my attachment to my phone one of healthy professional necessity. It became a problem.

The Psychopath Test

Superficial charm, lack of empathy, manipulativeness: are these traits of a CEO, or those of a psychopath?

The mouthpieces and the quiet ones

The “home office” framework is not a lot of fun, nor is it a temporary COVID solution that can be discarded immediately upon reopening; it is a big motivator that drastically affects employee preference.

Transforming Sales

If anyone wants to succeed in sales, they need to be professional and innovative. Oh, and one more thing: “no bullshit”!

The True Value of In-Person Meetings

By directing a significant portion of the work to online space, managerial existence has been radically transformed. What is happening to this virtual world now that we have the opportunity to meet in person again?

Employees: short-term and long-term loyalty

Before the pandemic, the focus of HR was on bringing the employee turnover rate down, and now everyone is secretly hoping that one of the biggest positives of the horrific past year will be the elimination of this Sisyphean struggle.

When a frustrated person leads an even more frustrated one

Experts say we’re close to getting our lives back to normal, but our people are coming back to work with the baggage and frustration of the past year and a half. Should we start to worry?

COVID-19 RE-OPENING EXCLUSIVE: Nr. 8. – Chatterbox? Manipulation? Destroy it now! Organisational Development Guide 2021, Part 2

Ours partners expect concrete answers, explanations, and, most importantly, a solution.

COVID-19 RE-OPENING EXCLUSIVE: Nr. 7. – Sneaking Turnover

It is interesting and perhaps surprising that amid such chaos, more candidates are interviewing while still employed.


On Doubt

I have learned one thing throughout my business career: knowing when and how to keep my doubt to myself is a skill that I would die without

Working to Live or Living to Work, Episode 3: The COVID Dam

As job losses piled up early on, many thought that a reopened labour market might alleviate some of the most painful aspects of the shortage. Instead, the crisis actually exacerbated the situation.

The Impact of Covid-19 on Different Generations – Episode 5: The Ambitionists

The world is my oyster! Because I deserve it! Roughly, that could be the motto of this generation. But then came the 2008 Great Recession.

The Impact of Covid-19 on Different Generations – Episode 4: The Diplomats

This generation had all the talent and momentum needed to be the winners of the COVID Crisis, but they were overconfident.

Working to Live or Living to Work, Episode 2: Never Going Back

Taking a look at Ipsos/World Economic Forum data about shifting worker expectations.