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In focus next week: modern communication solutions

Communication traditions and social media solutions in 2022, manipulation, global business reputations, and a blockbuster summer movie line-up...

Modern communication solutions

When talking about communication effects, a sharp distinction needs to be made between ‘mass’ and ‘premium’ products. In ancient times, this was not as important as it is today, everyone was simply focused on the mass appeal. We often hear the slogan, presented as a fact, that the gap between the world’s poor and rich people is widening every year, and this has perfectly influenced expectations of the media. It is also apparent, however, that a large part of the media is still unable to live up to this, and has somehow managed to forget the allure of big numbers. Even for larger companies and multinationals, this is not such a problem if they offer a mass product, since the most important factor in reaching the masses is still the number of people reached by a given communication. Even there, the market is already segmented, since there are still masses who are able to pay, but since a growing proportion of the population is already living below the subsistence level, they do not always act as buyers of mass products.

The dangerous influence: manipulation

Influence and manipulation are related concepts, but there is a big difference between them. Influence can be dangerous to the environment in itself, because it can work when it is used to influence others, which in turn takes up other people’s time and energy. But influencing is always a positive action, because the person who influences does not mean harm to others. He is driven by his own selfishness, but he does not want to harm his colleagues or the organisation. Manipulation goes even further, because it uses the ability to influence even when it knows that it is not good for the person being influenced, and forces decisions that are harmful to the company, only taking into account its own interests. This is why manipulation is a dangerous form of influence, which of course does not manifest itself in every situation, but if it prevails, it can cause serious damage to those around it.

Global Business Reputation 2022

Despite the fact that globalisation has made cities more homogeneous than ever before, one difference has not changed: business reputation, and as such, not all cities are created equal. Statista has recently published its 2022 list, which ranks cities according to their business reputation, but given the results of their methodology, this should be treated with reservations. Their research suggests that Statista’s ranking leaves much to be desired, so we have compared this list with The Economist’s Global Liveability Index.

2022 – An old/new summer in cinemas

The summer movie season is upon us! 2022 finally arrives with a hefty summer movie line-up compared to the truncated COVID crop of the past two years, and looks to be something of a return to the expectations of the pre-pandemic world. There’ll be blockbusters like Tom Cruise’s Top Gun, a return to Jurassic World, Thor gets another movie, and there’ll be some extra horror like Alex Garland’s Men, Jordan Peele’s Nope, but we can also include David Cronenberg’s mind-bender Crimes of the Future. We’ve picked out some of the most promising premieres of the coming weeks, and of course the summer…