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In focus next week: development-centred talent management

The focus on talent management is back on development today, with the European Union banning oil imports by sea and a scandalous Champions League final… from next week’s articles.

Development-centric talent management

Who doesn’t remember a time when companies were most proud of the fact that their selection systems worked so well and provided such good conditions for their employees that they stayed with the company for the very long term, even forever. The slogan of most successful multi-companies 20-25 years ago was “find a place within the organisation” for colleagues already with us, even if their performance in a particular position was a complete failure. This form of “development focused” talent management has, one might think, almost completely disappeared from the horizon, as it is no longer possible in today’s highly competitive environment. But we would be wrong to believe that. With the right adaptations, this talent management methodology can be successfully applied today.

I will work when I am happy

The biggest challenge of modern HR today is to design, transform and develop talent management. Sooner or later, this topic will come up in professional discussions at any level and location, and it has been said by even the best HR professionals that it will certainly not be successfully managed by them alone or by in-house HR resources. So strategic thinking has started, with a focus on attracting and retaining key people to the firm. But as the strategic workflow moves forward, smart professionals are realising that this is now a complex issue that requires a combination of disciplines. Moreover, the challenges of talent management cannot be solved without building a high level of idol management. And this is ultimately where modern HR is seriously stuck.

Delayed embargo

The European Union’s decision to ban imports of Russian oil by sea until the end of the year could reduce Moscow’s ability to finance its invasion of Ukraine. The embargo applies to most oil imports from Russia, but it could take some time for Russia to really feel its impact.

Chaos at the Champions League final

After pepper-spraying, fence-hopping, and injuries before the Liverpool vs Real Madrid final, the French government has come in for a lot of criticism over its handling of the event.