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In focus next week: the outliers

The impact of generational behavioural trends in the post-COVID era, interview techniques in the post-COVID era from an experienced headhunter, price increases in the US, and an unlucky generation in China…

The Age of the Outliers

Experts say the two-year COVID period behind us has completely transformed the way people think. This was already made clear by serious researchers and analysts within a day or two of the virus’s outbreak, and it was also clear that it was not just a superficial human process similar to previous crises around the world, but was putting things into a whole new dimension. Moreover, different generations have been affected differently, and it cannot even be said that there is too much scope for setting up patterns at a universal level. A generational change has taken place. There is a generation that really came to power in the 2008 crisis and managed to consolidate it considerably, and then there is a generation that is completely disappointed. And, of course, the most interesting trend is that the biggest winners in the viral crisis are those who represent the opposite pole in their thinking and decision-making mechanisms compared to their own generation. The ‘drop-outs’ have set their own careers on a new trajectory, and we look set to see this process continue for a long time to come.

Price increases 2022: United States

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Consumer Price Index rose by 8.5% in the previous 12 months to close March 2022, after rising by 7.9% from February 2021 to February 2022. The 8.5% increase in March was the largest 12-month increase since December 1981. Some sectors have been particularly hard hit by the price rises. Below we detail some of these increases and their causes.

Interview techniques in the post-Covid era: the candidate’s perspective

High-level candidates rarely make disparaging comments about their current employers, but I have seen it happen. Therefore, candidates need to be able to quickly and respectfully explain why they are being completely honest. A common tactic that I respect, because it has influenced me a few times, is to simply say that there is no opportunity for advancement with their current employer. However, this can take many forms. Some say it is because they have no real room to move up within the organisation. They have reached a ceiling, and for motivated people this can have a really negative impact on their work and well-being. The other main reason I have seen is when the candidate feels that they don’t have much more to learn.

The unluckiest generation

Many young Chinese people consider themselves to be the unluckiest generation in modern Chinese history. This is because Beijing continues to pursue its infamous Zero COVID policy. The government’s extreme policies make it hard to find work and frequent COVID tests dominate their lives. Millions are unable to work because of the closures, and foreign companies are increasingly unwilling to continue investing in the country. And then comes the paradox: the government is increasingly restricting individual freedom while encouraging people to marry and have more children.