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The mouthpieces and the quiet ones

The HR profession is slowly waking up, and managers who are not yet so excellent are beginning to realize that there is a great transformation in motivating employees. What’s more, it’s already clear that whoever can’t make moves this summer can lose their best-performing employees. The “home office” framework is not a lot of fun, nor is it a temporary COVID solution that can be discarded immediately upon reopening; it is a big motivator that drastically affects employee preference.


We have not heard much from managers over the past year or so other than that when the reopening takes place, it will be necessary to consider whether certain elements of the “home office” are worth keeping and, if so, how to execute it. Unfortunately, however, the saying “much spoken, little said” prevailed here. As much as the leaders talked about it, they have not presented many solutions to the situation until now. Why is that? Why are there no concrete and functional solutions in this area yet, when they talk about the situation so often and repetitively? There is a remarkably simple and personality-based response that is worth considering and putting into practice. If only because their personality clearly determines their decision-making mechanisms and, as a result, they may or may not develop solutions to certain situations. The biggest problem is that people who do not have enough professional background to evaluate matters always tend to talk about new phenomena. However, to offset this, they have excellent communication skills and can talk a lot, very effectively about a particular topic. However, they cannot provide a real solution at the end of the process. This attitude, the Individual type, was functional and successful in the pre-crisis period, provided that we used one of the best-known functions of the RISE system, which analyses managers’ personalities and decision-making mechanisms to explore the process. After all, even if a solution was ineffective, the ineffectiveness can be explained in many ways, and the Individual type mentioned above is particularly good at this. This type usually only has superficial knowledge of a particular topic, but can comment on many topics. This is expedient in many cases, as they are effective, intense, and energetic, but when they strive for in-depth analysis, nothing good comes out of it in the end. The main problem is that such leaders usually very easily believe that they are actually good leaders, as a result of which their egos can rise to unhealthy heights. And the higher the ego soars, the bigger the slap in a crisis. On the other hand, the others don’t avoid making their voices heard. Due to this, they usually talk a lot about “home office” solutions in HR as well, but they cannot present a meaningful solution. Maybe they should stop chatting and spending their time on online forums like LinkedIn. You might want to visit and look around the site, which is full of self-appointed “problem-solvers”.

Real solutions

The real professionals are silent. But with their silence come solutions. But are they really that smart? Real professionals do not think of themselves like that. Therefore, over the last months, they have spent their time gathering information, having discussions with professionals, and training themselves in recent months. There were fewer of them, so they were able to place special emphasis on strategy change. There has been a major transformation in the field of HR in recent months, as it must be seen that HR is not an objective profession, which makes it easier for “vocabularies” to prevail, which also poses serious challenges for the profession. If only because the faith in HR among top executives is steadily declining, and this process has accelerated significantly over the past year. Now, however, soft-spoken people are coming to the fore. The same process can be observed in all areas of HR. The September market opening will likely show big differences in the success of different companies, and one very important element of this will be HR.