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2022’s Top Ten: #5

Spy Game (part 1): Selection-focused talent management

A YEAR AGO: The magnet that repels, tolerably

What You Need to Know About Team Cohesion & Collaboration, Episode 1

A YEAR AGO: CENTRAL PARK 5: True Company Satisfaction (Part 1)

If we were to identify an area that was most deeply affected by COVID-19, a clear consensus among experts is the HR field.

A YEAR AGO: The Most Important Manager Features of 2021-22, 1st Place: Active Empathy

The most successful businesspeople, on the other hand, not only understand others, but can also imagine themselves in such a situation, placing themselves in the “shoes” of the other party.

A YEAR AGO: The Most Important Manager Features of 2021-22, 4th Place: Happiness

It may come as a surprise that the managers we interviewed ranked “happiness" at all, but after the pandemic, the importance of this trait certainly increased tremendously.

Keeping up with the Joneses

Microsoft is not the only multinational planning to pay employees even more despite last year’s record salary increases.

The HR Ego and the Battle for Talent: Successful talent management programmes since 2020

If we were to summarise the impact of talent management market changes since 2020, it could be said that in all the successful organisational development exercises have applied a combination of two basic methodologies.

Spy Game (Part 2): Selection-focused talent management

Selection-focused talent management is definitely a luxury for HR, and it's one that has to be fought for, because the best talent isn't going to just rush in.

Blue-Collar Salary Changes in 2022

If you do not work in the HR profession, you may be surprised by how people rank compensation when evaluating job prospects.

Spy Game (part 1): Selection-focused talent management

The emergence of selection-focused talent management roughly coincides with the start of the startup world's conquest of the world, but it is no longer only used by one-off global companies.


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