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That “little voice”

This year will probably be considered one of the strangest years in history as far as business goes. To put it differently, we can say that the economic changes we will experience in 2021 are unprecedented regarding their depth and type. What is more, nobody knows exactly what is to come and what we need to prepare for. One thing is sure: 2021 will be the year of intuition.

“Intuition” in its many forms

People define “intuition” in several different ways. We prefer to use other terms because when “intuition” is uttered, it sounds so mystical, and real businesspeople seldom dabble in mysticism. At least, a lot of people think so because this is the cliché businessperson image society developed. Just in case, intuition appears in some business discussions in the form of the “little voice”, “instincts”, or “hunch”, but everybody thinks of the same thing. There is an inner force that pushes us in a particular direction. We cannot explain why we think what we think at that certain time, and we do not know where it comes from, either. These factors of uncertainty help us ignore our guilty and mystical thoughts. Because of intuition’s lack of acceptance, we want to see it fail. We hear the stories of people who explain that they listened to their intuitions and failed; however, we do not really pay attention to the stories about the opposite outcome. Can anybody cast the first stone at us because of that? I do not think so. A lot of people test our belief in intuition. I guess you are aware of the situation when a fortune-teller encourages others, mainly people in complete despair, that everything will be fine if they just listen to their intuition. After that, who would dare talk about intuition in a business environment? What is more, who would dare to use it to achieve business success? Who would want to follow in the footsteps of fortune-tellers and losers? Who would want to stand in front of the mirror, claiming that they would listen to their intuitions regardless of what 90% of society thinks?

The brave

Only the bravest and most self-confident people dare to do it, and of course, fortune-tellers who want to make money from it. Now we should live behind the topic of mystery. The bravest and most self-confident businesspeople can realise whether their intuitions work, and they want to learn how to exploit it. It is a serious learning process when a businessperson explores and handles their intuitions appropriately and can use them for business success. Persistence is important because there will be missteps, and experiencing failure might disrupt this process. Objective assessment is of utmost importance in this field, and that we detect the mistakes we made during the integration of intuition into the world of business. The fundamental problem is connected to the process, not the anticipation itself. We need to give intuition a try and accept that mapping it in real life is a systematic process. However, those who go through this process know that every minute of learning was worth it. Businesspeople can reach a stage when they make only good decisions. Not because they are so fantastic that they can make everything successful but because they know exactly what they can turn into success. If they were only present in fields where they know how to be successful, we could even call them ”failure evaders”. Indeed, to be successful businesspeople, they have to take steps that they have not yet learned and for which they do not yet have experience. The reason they are successful is not that they know exactly what they have to do and when to do it, but because they have the fundamental knowledge and experience, and they can add intuition to the mix, resulting in confidence to know what is worth attempting.

In 2021, business decision-makers will face many situations when knowledge and experience will not be enough. The real winners will be those people who have already learned to use their intuitions or who have set off on that road.