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A YEAR AGO: Behind the Scenes

Lesser-known Struggles of Professional Athletes during COVID

A YEAR AGO: The evil and the non-evil

Companies that focus on reorganisation can now make the most embarrassing changes without any major “circuses”. Decision-makers preparing to conquer the market are bolder and more proactive than before.

Delaying the Omicron Inevitable

China’s Zero COVID approach will eventually have to face the music.

Grandma’s Recipe – Strategising in 2022 (Part 2)

Is now the time to take risks, perhaps more than ever? What really makes a good business strategist?

Oscar vs Blockbusters

Why do Best Picture nominees have to be so serious all the time?

Two Stories from China this week: Why Risk It / Absolute Zero

Respecting athletes who choose the apolitical path / How a traditional Hong Kong company is dealing with China's "zero covid" policy.

The Omicron Wave, School Closures, Worker Shortages, and a Generation without Sports

Stories that will affect everybody's near- and long-term futures

Of Mice and Men

How Omicron has delayed the “return to office” movement of the world’s leading companies.

If you’re not at the forefront of technology, you’re losing

Automobile Industry Insights from Audi CEO Markus Duesmann

2021’s Top Ten: #5

The Business Developer Friend: The transformation of business development as a result of COVID-19 (Episode 1)


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