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The Stage: Home Depot

This week’s analysis covers The Home Depot, the American home improvement giant with an exceptionally strong performance during the COVID Crisis.

The evil and the non-evil

Companies that focus on reorganisation can now make the most embarrassing changes without any major “circuses”. Decision-makers preparing to conquer the market are bolder and more proactive than before.

Behind the Scenes

Lesser-known Struggles of Professional Athletes during COVID

Selfish Characters on Teams, In Sports

A major transformation is underway in team sports. A team is not just the collection of the best players, but the collection of people who can really work together.

Graciously Aggressive

An interview with renowned casting director Joseph Middleton about the Oscars, Hollywood, and film in the time of COVID.

THE STAGE: Mars Inc.

The pet care industry has been one of the primary beneficiaries of the COVID Crisis.

Concrete, Clay, and COVID

Tennis and vaccines on both sides of the Atlantic

THE STAGE: Live Nation Entertainment

When there is mass devastation, sometimes that frees companies up to experiment.

THE STAGE: TechnoGym

The subject of our weekly analysis is the Italian-based fitness equipment manufacturer Technogym, a company helping the world fight off “lockdown body”.

THE STAGE: Mentors & Partners Group

A series dedicated to learning from the stories of successful companies from around the world.


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DIAMOND­DOUGHKID / 005: The Basic Concepts of Personality

If we can define our own and others’ decision-making mechanisms, we know exactly where, in which field, under what circumstances, and with what expectations an individual can be successful.

No need to rush, but let’s pack our bags!

Some people will be able to thrive in this chaos and will now be able to make career moves they would not normally have had the chance to make.

Now is the time to learn about ourselves!

One of the most important differences between winners and losers is that winners learn from their past mistakes. And the biggest winners also learn from the mistakes of others.

Castles by Ants – Episode 30: Supporter and Expert Coaches

The Supporter coach lives for the team. For them, it is of utmost importance that they have to work for the team and fight for the team. Their goal is to build a team where this is the value system that matters.

Lifting the Trophy with a Bruised Ego

Certain personality types are more concerned with personal performance than team performance.