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This might be an expensive summer!

Many are waiting to see what will happen in the business world, saying that another wave might be on the way. The fourth one is already queued up. Somehow, everyone knows that something has to be done, and the usual processes have to be changed since the world has turned upside down. However, when the time of change actually comes, there are still a lot of delays. Of course, we have grown accustomed to the “two-faced” nature of the market since the last crisis, and the other side is there once again, the one that is working very hard to stay ahead of competitors.

Woke up late but moving quickly

We already called last summer the most interesting one of our lives because we had never spent our holidays amidst a pandemic. Back then, many thought that this nightmare would end soon and slowly but surely, we would return to our usual lives. When the vaccine would come, it would solve everything sooner or later. Therefore, business life would have to be transformed, of course, but everyone was thinking about making the existing processes better and more efficient. As expected, they began working on this as early as last spring, when the restrictions were first eased. Now, it seems like everything is in relative order; life is slowly crawling by at work. But there was a strong wave at the beginning of the year that primarily affected the field of HR. Many left behind workplaces that they felt were not appropriately managed during the pandemic. This means that the employer made a mistake. However, the real HR wave is only just arriving. As for sales, significant changes are already underway, even on a strategic level. Those who woke up on time have already planned their futures and are already working on implementation. It is remarkably interesting to see the two completely opposite poles of the market since, as business developers, we often meet both viewpoints on the same day. It is often worth contacting a professional company providing business development services solely because, at these places, people will hear points of view that they would never hear elsewhere since it is not “polite” to bring up, even during friendly conversations, how we could come out of this terrible crisis as “winners”. However, many innovative companies already have concrete plans ready.

The lucky ones and the unlucky ones…

It is already clear how the above-mentioned process will develop and become ingrained in the business world for several decades. This is when the “lucky ones” and the “unlucky ones” are born. The former will not be remembered as those who did not take out holidays during 2021 and did not completely let their business go, but worked on what they needed to do to stay ahead of the market. Of course, there is the other camp too, the ones that were simply “unlucky”; they will be remembered by history as the ones who did not make it. Few will remember them as those who simply had no new ideas. I mean really new ideas that would have provided answers to new market challenges. They obviously cannot be lucky since delaying decisions is never a solution; it is just putting off responsibility, which can be fatal nowadays. Everyone is aware that after more than a year, relaxation and holidays are very much needed and of course, we cannot know in advance when the emergency brakes of the economy will be pulled again. However, we should also not be envious of those who “sacrificed” this summer for success. This summer can be particularly important if we don’t simply talk but actually put some effort into our work. This is true both for our own private lives and in the business world.