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A YEAR AGO: The Business Developer Friend: The transformation of business development as a result of COVID-19 (Episode 3)

We've already seen that a business developer can be a good friend. But what dose of this friendship is healthy for business decision-makers?

A YEAR AGO: A sore point for domestic businesses

Most business start their companies because they want them to become big. COVID has changed this attitude.

Organisational Development in the Leader’s Shadow (Part 5): there’s always room for improvement, and now there’s a reason to do it

The Expert type's thinking on development is very clear: you have to develop throughout your life. You need to expand your knowledge and professionalism, and age can't stop you.

Organisational Development in the Leader’s Shadow (Part 4): Everything would be fine like it was

If we need a motto for Supporter decision-makers, the most appropriate versions all cluster around immutability.

Organisational Development in the Leader’s Shadow (Part 3): Unique, specific, and special

Individual business decision-makers see the crisis as a huge opportunity to exercise their creativity, communication, and influence.

Crisis, War, Strategy: Changing Strategy (Part 3)

Lead: what does it take to be a good strategist? What are the criteria for deciding whether a consultancy is good or not? We asked Miklós Palencsár (Mentors & Partners Group).

When we start from within: a turning point!

The world is increasingly about accepting others and understanding differences, but translating this into business, in a really serious way, is still a long way off for most companies.

When we start from within: the sky’s the limit when it comes to cleverness

The most exciting, spectacular, and suffering-laden area of business development programmes is brand-building and the design work that goes with it.

When we start from within: our own demons

One of the first rules of Marketing 101: even if a particular advertisement is not to our liking, it can still be very successful for the target group.

New References: the Changing Business Development Market

While the consulting sector as a whole has almost bled out over the past two years, some individual consulting firms have shown explosive growth.


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