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The queen’s gambit against the construction industry

We spoke with Gábor Windt, the founder of TARRASCH07, about the company’s unique nanotechnology, the pandemic, and his expectations for 2021.

Before we talk about any technical matters, I cannot avoid the question: how are you given this ongoing COVID situation?

This is a difficult time for everyone. I was a little anxious personally for the first few weeks, and obviously later on business difficulties put everyone to the test. For us, this has been our most intensive period of international expansion work, and when coupled with the family events, it was not easy. Maybe situations like these put businesspeople to the test and decide how fit we really are.

COVID has made a lot of people re-evaluate their business concepts and models. Has this happened to you? Has COVID affected your plans?

Tarrasch07 is a nanotechnology solution that makes construction work significantly faster. The fact that Tarrasch07 requires considerably less material to provide the same quality of insulation as traditional materials means significant cost savings and eliminates a huge part of human labour demands, which has become all-the-more important in this situation. No matter which trend analysis you look at, these two factors will be critically important in the future, definitely in the construction industry, but in most other industries as well.

Maybe it’s inappropriate, but could we even say that this crisis has been good for you?

I think hypocrisy makes no sense. In every crisis, some businesses win, and some businesses lose. I would add that it is impossible to evaluate what is happening from only a commercial perspective, because as private people, even the winners experienced success differently in 2020. However, I can say that the current market situation has supported and even accelerated our product’s market launch, which we really see based on our 2021 orders.

Why did this happen? Did you predict any market changes? Besides the virus, of course.

It is happening everywhere, but especially in our sector: decision-makers are moving very quickly towards cost efficiency, which translates to as little human labour as possible. The reason is clear: workers are expensive due to labour shortages, and the quality of their work is unpredictable in most cases. This, in turn, significantly destroys the reliability and image of the construction companies. So, when we come in and show how our insulation can shorten the required working time, even up to several days depending on the size of the building, these companies become quite interested. So, demand was always there because of the labour market, but it has definitely intensified recently.

How did you develop this technology? In keeping with modern times, I might also ask: what is the story of Tarrasch07?

The material, which is made from a special raw material using a unique process, has a fascinating history. The raw material itself is available in extremely limited quantities, and its quality is absolutely unique in its natural environment. The original purpose of the material was to provide support to armies in extreme weather conditions. It still performs this function to this day; our first references come from desert conditions or use in the Arctic. We went through a process with teams of highly experienced engineers to make this material useable and efficient in the construction industry. I can say that we did not rush this product out the door, as we have spent more than six years developing and testing it. These processes and the development of new products are still going on today.

I imagine that testing and approval play an important role in this field, no?

Not only are they important, they are essential. Obviously, I trust the material, our engineers, and the scientific publications, but for me, without certification to an international standard, all of it is worth nothing. We have spent the last year and a half obtaining these certifications from one of the world’s most respected certifications bodies, TÜV SÜD OCTAGON. I am very committed to providing our partners with the perfect material, and once we have made commitments, we have to meet them! Due to the uniqueness of the material and its deviation from the current standards, we have also started a unique series of measurements.

Now that you’ve started your international expansion, have you had any problem with these certifications?

Everything has been fine. We have established an excellent relationship with the certification centre specialists, so we have seen steady progress because the business decision-maker—development engineering team—certification centre “triangle” can work together very efficiently and effectively.

Who can use your technology?

Anyone who works with insulation materials. Our partners, who are from all over the world, are replacing traditional insulation materials with Tarrasch07. That can range anywhere from a condo building with just a few units to a massive, multinational project.

Can you provide a few references?

For me, business collaboration is a matter of trust, and while I know it’s an important issue, I don’t like to drop names. But perhaps what we are most proud of — I hope our other partners don’t get offended — is the main stadium for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, where our materials and technology are already being used to our client’s great satisfaction.

Thank you for the conversation, and I wish you luck! I think we will hear a lot more about Tarrasch07.

You definitely will! Thank you for having me.