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2022’s Top Ten: #3

Crisis, War, Strategy: Changing Strategy (Part 1)

A YEAR AGO: Age of Change – Episode 2: The Winners of Change

There are types of business decision-makers for whom it is natural to have to break tradition from time to time, rethink their activities, and develop new directions.

A two-tier crisis strategy (Part 2)

If you fail to get something done today, there will be consequences in the future. When it comes to strategy, this "eternal" slogan is doubly true...

A YEAR AGO: The Business Developer Friend: The transformation of business development as a result of COVID-19 (Episode 3)

We've already seen that a business developer can be a good friend. But what dose of this friendship is healthy for business decision-makers?

Does a post-COVID world exist?

The short answer: no. But only you are to blame if your business strategy does not plan for this eventuality.

Crisis, War, Strategy: Changing Strategy (Part 3)

Lead: what does it take to be a good strategist? What are the criteria for deciding whether a consultancy is good or not? We asked Miklós Palencsár (Mentors & Partners Group).

Crisis, War, Strategy: Changing Strategy (Part 1)

Not many people anticipated that in building strategy they would have to contend with a war that would create an inflationary, recessionary environment the likes of which modern managers have never faced.

A YEAR AGO: OUTSIDE THE BOX, for real this time! (Transforming Strategy in 2021) Episode 1: Dreamers and Sober People

When we talk about transformation, especially on strategic issues, we can distinguish three methodologies.

The science of youth sport and its connection to the business world

We spoke with Tamás Mocsai — CEO of NEKA (the Hungarian National Handball Academy) and an elite sports strategist — about the transformation of the scientific background of sport and the future of performance improvement

Grandma’s Recipe – Strategising in 2022 (Part 2)

Is now the time to take risks, perhaps more than ever? What really makes a good business strategist?


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