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It’s time for NERDMATION – Automation and IT expertise (Episode 2)

The demand for IT professionals has been outstripping the quality market supply for decades. In addition to the fact that the labour shortage is growing significantly in terms of quantity, professionals with real skills and experience have become unavailable to many market players in recent years. IT development is a key factor for company development, and if it is not provided, it is impossible for the company to move forward.

Expert mediation

Matching the right experts to companies is not a new concept. In the IT field, body-leasing is supposed to solve this problem, but in recent years, unfortunately, it has been a matter of finding solutions that really do involve bringing in a specific person for a specific position. In this “body war”, professionals with elite expertise have grown tired and have started their own individual businesses or are grouped together in smaller companies. But this is not a solution for them, since they need sales work and a network of contacts to win interesting new projects, and they do not usually have such sales prowess. The client side is also in trouble, as it does not know where to find these professionals. The only solution to this situation is to use IT development companies. However, in that case, the client side and the IT professional have to jointly finance the IT company, including the income of the manager and the owner, so that, in addition to the fee paid for the actual work, there are considerable extra costs, which is an inappropriate direction for both the client company and the professional who actually does the work. The other conceptual problem is that in most cases, developers are indeed treated as a “body” in these projects, whereas in the case of one-off developments projects, it is clearly the “brain” that the client needs, so that apart from the less-than-humane message that IT companies are sending out, the message is no longer even the reality.

Professional centres

There are two definite ground rules for the future of quality in the IT market. The first is that IT developers must be truly respected, their skills paid for, and they must be valued and not treated as an object to be “leased”. The other important factor is that there is a growing market demand for bringing professionals together, cultivating a real community from the field’s best. It is necessary to create a platform has been created to connect clients and professionals, providing a multifaceted intermediary service with the modules for project management, communication, and complex administration. There are already initiatives and networks at the international level providing a complex service to clients in the field of automation. For the specific IT task, the appropriate, unique and internationally outstanding specialist is assigned for the period and task required by the customer. This can be a single task, a workflow of a few weeks, or even a period of several months or years, covering more complex tasks. The networks are in constant contact with the most important players in the automation market, and they search for and select from their own network of professionals the colleagues with the right knowledge and motivation according to their needs. In this way, the professionals are free to choose the type of development and work they want to do in a given period, and the client side is clearly getting a motivated professional with an impeccable professional background and knowledge. These modern companies are not IT companies or agency companies, but centres managing a network of professionals selected on the basis of professional and motivational factors. As such, they occupy a unique position in the market.