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Shifting demand and independence in the market for automation experts

The automation industry is moving towards a dramatic increase in productivity, driven by energy efficiency, high-quality engineering, and extremely stringent safety standards.

New strategic business position after the pandemic: Complex workforce management

In the wake of the pandemic, one of the cornerstones of today's workforce management is “automation”, and the line between HR and automation is fading away.

Automate Smart!

The automation sector is a hot discussion topic among business decision-makers, but few know much about what it means for a company to decide to implement automation.

Supercar or four-wheel-drive?

The car you need to win the race depends on the kind of track you’re racing on.

Healthy, independent selection: The future of automation

The crisis in automation clearly favours companies with a premium service and product portfolio. We spoke to György Bíró, the man responsible for the international expansion of IAG (Independent Automation Group).

Broadening Horizons: Automation and “Hybrid” Strategic Consulting

Last year brought major changes for businesses worldwide, and this process is still in full swing in the field of automation.

The evolution of automation in an oversupplied market

The importance of automation has accelerated due to the pandemic, as all sectors have seen that predictable, stable business operations no longer work today without automation

The Market’s Independent Automation Player (Automation Today, Part 3)

We spoke with the Founder of Independent Automation Group, Gábor Megyeri, and its Business Development Director, György Bíró, about brand independence, trends, and strategy.

Everybody drives against the flow of traffic. So what?

Follow trends or buck them: if everyone cultivates business this way, should you go that way? This eternal question is gaining new meaning in the field of automation.

Independence vs Brand Loyalty

Automation is now present to some degree in the life of every company that focuses on efficiency. The next stage, according to experts, is the development of brand independence.


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