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TOP 10 Articles of 2023: #7 Human or Robot? New opportunities for programming professionals.

New positive opportunities for programming professionals.

The interplay between labour shortages and the rising cost of existing human resources has been growing faster than expected in recent years. The upward trend can be observed in all segments of the economy, and in the most technologically advanced sectors, it is now above average. The perception is not clearly negative because, while it is undoubtedly a challenge for HR departments, it is also a major driver of process automation, which is making robotics and, with it, advanced technology increasingly cost-effective. This confirms the experts’ assertion that the main purpose of using robots today is no longer to increase efficiency but to replace part or all of the workforce.

Human AND Robot!

The rapid development of industrial automation (robotics) and artificial intelligence (AI) has also triggered a major transformation in the labour market. Many jobs have been eliminated, but at the same time, new ones have been created that actually only supervise, manage and support what robotics and AI do. As the jobs of assembly-line workers disappear, and human-machine collaboration becomes more advanced, the work of the professionals who program and maintain robots is even more valued. The move away from customised developments towards universally applicable technologies is making automation increasingly affordable and accessible to smaller firms. In other words, in addition to high-end industries such as automotive, biotechnology, aerospace, and nanotechnology, smaller companies specialising in sub-sectors will also increasingly need experienced, highly skilled programmers.

The two sides of Independence

These market developments have also triggered major changes in the way professionals think. Programmers, who used to be almost single-minded, preferring security and predictability, and hence a full-time, fixed income, are increasingly being replaced by professionals who want to be independent and expect a higher income for their marketable skills. As the need to attract self-employed people as a cost-effective solution has come to the forefront in emerging technology companies, the two sides have quickly converged. The initial momentum and enthusiasm seems to be waning, however, as self-employed contractors have to deal with a myriad of organisational, legal/contracting, labour insurance, substitution and other unforeseen tasks before they can start their actual work. In addition to this, it has also become clear that the most desirable high-tech firms require a high level of organisation and professional management to get into, something that most self-employed professionals find difficult to do.

Professional management

At present, there is hardly any company at international level that is strategically involved in the professional management and complex administration of the relationship between highly skilled IT specialists, particularly in the field of industrial automation, and the customers who need their services. NERDMATION was created for this purpose. Its main objective is to create an interface between the client side and the professionals who carry out the work, providing the right project management, communication and complex administration, whether it is a project lasting a few weeks, or an assignment of several months or even years involving more complex tasks. Professionals who work with NERDMATION can earn industry-leading salaries while continuing to grow with the industry’s most prominent companies. In addition, the best ones will also have the opportunity to try their hand at project management, which will open up further opportunities for them in the future.