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Prevention and Research for Maximum Performance – A European Premiere in Hungary

A new knowledge centre, based on a concept that has a decades-long history of success overseas, has started its activities in Hungary, assessing and managing people’s health status in the long term. The SCOPE Prevention and Research Centre aims to maximise human performance, and its services are accessible to amateur and professional athletes alike. The Centre focuses on the individual’s capabilities and goals to determine the most effective and healthiest path to peak performance.

Centre for Sport and Health

SCOPE’s core knowledge base comes from elite athletics. The team of professionals has a strong track record in maximising performance in both adult and junior athletes and has unique knowledge in training elite athletes in the most popular individual and team sports. In elite sports, results are clearly traceable and verifiable, providing the right professional background to successfully translate scientific theory into real practice. The Centre is present in adult, junior, and children’s sports. This means that the Centre has data and knowledge about the human body and physical conditioning – including its development, maintenance, and health preservation from childhood – and has had the opportunity to follow the impact and results of prevention methods and scientific theories in everyday life. This unique knowledge is the result of combining the expertise of specialists in different fields – exercise specialists, human physiologists, physiotherapists – and is now an advisory partner for businesspeople, athletes, and children in the development of a healthy movement system, in building a truly sporting lifestyle, and in maintaining it. Our specialists work with internationally elite measurement backgrounds, instruments, and technology, so our partners are assessed under the most modern conditions.

Performance maximisation methodology

SCOPE’s basic methodology is to assess an individual’s current health status based on their lifestyle and goals, and then use the results to design an exercise programme to achieve those goals, suggest ways to avoid risks from exercise, and manage and improve any problems that have already developed. All this offers a great deal of support to those for whom physical activity and sport are essential to their daily lives, whether they are ordinary people, amateurs, hobbyists, or professional athletes. In 2021, under the leadership of SCOPE’s CEO, Tamás Mocsai, the management decided to bring the services previously available exclusively to professional athletes to non-professional athletes, following the right strategy and after decades of experience in elite sport. “It is clear as day that people want to maximise their own performance, not only in sport but also in their work and private lives, so managing health appropriately has become a complex issue that is no longer just the prerogative of elite athletes. I can see this transformation in my own life. As an athlete-turned-manager, I have to make decisions every day, and to do this, I need to be close to the maximum of my abilities. While as a professional athlete you sometimes destroy yourself for the sake of the team because of an important, critical match, as a businessman, you focus more on a constructive attitude. I believe that the advantage of SCOPE is precisely the understanding of these two worlds, which often seem very different, but are mostly very close in their goals. All of SCOPE’s professionals have extensive experience in the field of youth and children’s sports, which means that we understand exactly how to strive for the physical maximum in a way that is sustainable in the long term and ensures a happy life,” explained the CEO.

Opening up to conscious people

The focus of the Centre remains on people who are passionate about sport, who play it regularly, and who want to improve and maintain their performance as they age. For businesspeople, physical activity is a priority, and it is clear that they can be as methodical, in-depth in their assessments, and as good as internationally elite athletes in terms of planning and advice. Scientific background, professional knowledge, and experience are equally important for them, as they are essential for maintaining health, avoiding injuries and improving performance at work. “It is the scientific background, the appropriate measurement systems, and the interpretations and expert advice needed to build and systematise what took time. SCOPE opened its doors in May 2022 to the business community and to parents who want to ensure that their children play sports consciously. It is clearly a premium service today, where measurements for an individual may only take a few hours, but are professionally evaluated over several days. Initial market feedback suggests that there is a strong demand for this, so we will start to increase capacity over time. Although quality is my priority, I think that it is better to wait a little for the applicants, but the final result should be optimised,” said SCOPE’s leader.

What is certain is that in the last two years, the demand for a health-conscious lifestyle has increased tremendously. And for this to happen, it is essential to develop a conscious sporting activity that is right for our bodies.