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Complex water treatment for a complex world

Over the past decade and a half, the global economy has been tested by three major crises requiring equally rapid and effective responses. These crises have encouraged managers with highly valuable knowledge and methodology to adapt continuously, and the market has seen a significant clean-up in almost all sectors. Firms with a long-term strategy and unique expertise have emerged from this competition stronger and with considerable revenue and profit growth.

A working solution!

As competition has become more intense in the wake of crises, time and cost efficiency have become more important, and the use of industry-specific complex services has become a more widely applied solution. In other words, if there is a proven supplier in certain areas, companies are more likely to use them in these newer areas rather than looking for a new supplier. As a result, in addition to optimising labour costs, process organisation, and production efficiency can be improved.

Such complex product or service management requires a high level of expertise and knowledge from the supplier partner, which necessitates many years of experience in the field. The broad applicability and viability of complexity are demonstrated by successful application in economic sectors such as water treatment.

Complexity in water treatment

Water is present in almost every aspect of our lives – residential, industrial, commercial, institutional – and we come into contact with it daily. Yet, precisely because of this, few people realise how complex the processes involved in water consumption are; how many technical solutions and rules have to be observed and applied at each stage of the process, from receiving incoming water to treating the outgoing water, in order to ensure that the service provider can operate economically. The customer can enjoy a bathing experience that is safe for their health.

One good example of complexity in this area is the Watercomp Institute’s full-service water treatment for hotels, which not only disinfects drinking and irrigation water, pool water, and boiler water following specific water analysis, but also provides expert assistance from the design phase of the pools, chemical disinfection of saunas, and full kitchen degreasing.

The Watercomp Institute

An independent institute specialising in water analysis, which provides a full service, including a detailed evaluation of the water sample tested and a detailed, itemised proposal for use to its partners. It also offers expert advice and analysis, building on 28 years of water analysis experience, several patents, and the water testing and water treatment recommendations of many leading spas, hotels, and private pools. As well as its own manufacturing background, it can provide customers with the water treatment and water purification chemicals they need.

This allows customers to obtain objective expert advice on chlorine-free or chlorine-based cleaning and disinfection processes, tailored to the specific water parameters, throughout the entire process, i.e., during the design, renovation, and normal operation phases of the project. In this way, they can guarantee their customers not only economical and technically safe operation, but also water purity and the long-term health of bathers.