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I didn’t cheat, I’m loyal!

The virus has tested, overthrown, or strengthened a lot of ideologies. Many companies had to assess a lot of their employees’ traits. One of the most important traits might be loyalty. It is not necessary to overexplain to what extent a loyal colleague’s value might increase in the eyes of companies in a period like this. What is loyalty? How do we know whether a supposedly loyal colleague is indeed loyal? 2021 will surprise many people in this regard.

The gist of a relationship

The following example will not be pleasant, but it true. I have never faced romantic rejection. We often hear that a man should courageously hunt and get the best woman he can for himself. I had a completely different way of thinking. I have developed a serious sense of self-value early on. After analysing my chances, I placed my personal bar lower than I felt it needed to be, and targeted women who would definitely not reject me. I must mention that when I did so, I took into consideration the whole picture; that is, I selected women based on both internal and external values. I must also admit that appearance was more important for me during high school and at the beginning of my university years. However, later on, internal values started to count more. I was a handsome student, but as I became a manager and could spend more money on things that defined my appearance, I rapidly reached new heights and possibilities. I had my first relationship at the age of 18, and my first real girlfriend – who represented a lower level at the time we met – gradually lagged behind me as years went by. I was building my career rapidly, while she was content with not making progress. I also made physical progress by following a consistent diet and training schedule, which she did not consider important, so the gap between us grew even wider. Nevertheless, we both agreed that both sides need to be fair in a relationship and cannot cheat on each other. I have never even thought about cheating. I simply considered it disgusting and akin to stabbing your partner in the back. As we grew further away from each other, we obviously had more conflicts about how I wanted to go forward, while she did not want to progress. This is not just my side of the story; we have a good connection even nowadays. Because we are completely honest with each other, we have discussed our common past several times. She found her own partner, and I found mine. As conflicts became more frequent, I was often told that she had always been faithful and never cheated on me. I have always considered it valuable.

The measuring tool of loyalty

Once I thought about what faithfulness and loyalty exactly mean. Back then, I would have had the chance to cheat on her every time I left the house. She did not have these possibilities, at least not with a man at a level she could accept, which she admitted as well. I received hundreds of offers during our relationship; she did not. Again, this is according to her. Dozens of girls wanted to have a serious relationship with me, while no man wanted the same thing with her. We discussed this point, as well. She never had a real chance of not being loyal and faithful. I had many chances to step out. That is, I proved my faithfulness and loyalty every week by not choosing a better opportunity because I wanted to remain in my relationship. I could say that I was loyal under all circumstances, and I obviously proved my faithfulness several times. Was my partner faithful? Based on the circumstances, she had no chance not to be. Would she have been unfaithful if she had the chance? I do not know. Simply because she chose a boyfriend in a higher category, she was happy this way. We had a serious discussion about whether she had always made similar choices before we met. Her answer did not really surprise me: she has always cheated on her boyfriends who were in the same category as her. As I highlighted at the beginning, we are honest with each other.

Present circumstances define who is or seems to be loyal and why. We should bear this in mind in 2021 because one thing is sure: circumstances have drastically changed.