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Russian Oil Caps / Business Address Abortion

Two news stories we are following this week

The Quasi-Default

Russia is officially in default, sort of…

Keeping up with the Joneses

Microsoft is not the only multinational planning to pay employees even more despite last year’s record salary increases.

Following the Idols (Part 4): Followers generation (1997-2008)

In the Follower Generation, those who do not take responsibility for society, for the common good and for the community, cannot remain idols.

A YEAR AGO: Ambitionist Rage: Part 3

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

The King

He came out of nowhere, performed a miracle, and then became an inescapable legend.

The minions are back

These little yellow creatures bring in billions in the box office, and like their boss in the films, they are on a course towards world domination.

Following the Idols (Part 3): The Ambitionist Generation (1985-1996)

The biggest change in the HR market, the absolute focus on idolism and talent management, was clearly motivated by this generation.

Finding Your Place

Despite bold predictions about less office space being used by companies around the globe, that drop has still yet to materialise.

The Complete Résumé / The Delayed World Cup

Sports stories we are following this week