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2022’s Top Ten: #3

Crisis, War, Strategy: Changing Strategy (Part 1)

Athletes are not Immune

By detaining a basketball star and a top NHL prospect, Russia is destroying its status as a talent pipeline and an ideal destination.

Crisis, War, Strategy: changing strategic advice (Part 2)

Today, advice alone is not enough; success requires implementation, translation into practice, and management of the whole process.

Crisis, War, Strategy: Changing Strategy (Part 1)

Not many people anticipated that in building strategy they would have to contend with a war that would create an inflationary, recessionary environment the likes of which modern managers have never faced.

Price Hikes 2022

The world keeps setting new records, and not in a good way.

With Humility, to The Hero of the Night – A Guide for Leaders in a Period of Pandemic and War

What is the perfect business behaviour during a pandemic and then a war? What are our duties and responsibilities? There is no textbook answer!


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