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UK Inflation Eases to a Two-Year Low: A Sign of Temporary Relief

In a promising development, inflation in the United Kingdom registered a notable slowdown last month, marking its lowest level in two years.

The Impact of Rising Mortgage Rates on UK Households

As rates continue to climb, millions of Britons find themselves allocating more of their income towards their monthly mortgage payments, leading to a slowdown in other expenditures.

Keep calm and…?

The world has expected a UK recession, but the nation is entering into one faster than predicted.

Damage Control

A new finance minister is doing an admiral job at righting the ship that Liz Truss almost sank in September.

Truss Mistrust

The Bank of England stepped in to save the pound, but it seems they cannot step out so quickly.

Pounding the Pound

What happened in the UK last week to cause the Pound to plummet?

Sticky Inflation / Britain’s Woes

Even though the inflation situation is rough in the US, things may be worse in the UK.


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