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More Work, More Spotlight: Sport in 2021

The sporting world seems to be recovering from last year’s shock. Preparation for the Tokyo Games has reached its final stage, which means more work now!

The Top 10 Articles of 2020: #2

One more year and a lot more energy!

One more year and a lot more energy!

An interview with one of the world’s best athletes, Eduarda “Duda” Amorim.

Take care of your players with passion!

An interview with handball star Thiagus Petrus.

Could Icarus Fly to Tokyo?

Icarus’s story is so famous that his name is associated with “hubris”/arrogance. And believe it or not, it is connected to the Olympic Games!

Nero and that Improv!

If we had to describe today’s sporting life in one word, many would surely say “survival”.


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