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The Tech Giants and the Layoffs

As the tech industry enters 2024, a new phase of cost-cutting has emerged, with the largest firms making smaller, targeted layoffs while focusing on fewer projects and redirecting resources to key products such as artificial intelligence.

A Bite at the Apple

A transfer of power has quietly unfolded: Microsoft is now the most valuable company in the world.

Europe’s Answer to Silicon Valley: The Rise of ASML

ASML, a Dutch manufacturer of chipmaking tools, has emerged as Europe's most valuable technology firm

ASML: Powering the Semiconductor Revolution

While not a household name, the Dutch company's impact resonates through the industry, providing essential tools for chip manufacturing.

The Unfulfilled Promise of Self-Checkout: A Reality Check for Retailers

The introduction of self-checkout kiosks once promised a retail revolution, but the reality we face today doesn't quite align with this grand vision.

Big White Boxes

How Cutting-Edge Lithography Machines Have Become the Choke Point in US-China Relations

The Battle Over Driverless Taxis in San Francisco

San Francisco's streets have transformed into a futuristic spectacle as driverless cars traverse the city with their electronic sensors guiding their paths, but for some, this futurist’s dream is more like a nightmare.

Chasing GPUs: The Tech Industry’s Quest for Compute Power

The excitement ignited by online chatbots like ChatGPT last year set off an A.I. wave in the tech industry, leading to an unprecedented demand for graphics processing units (GPUs).

An Acquisition on Hold

Microsoft's $70 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard faced a critical challenge as a weeklong hearing began last week in U.S. District Court in San Francisco.

The Lyft Layoffs

The ride-hailing service that operates primarily in the United States is reportedly preparing to lay off approximately 1,200 people, or around 30% of its workforce.


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