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The evil and the non-evil

Companies that focus on reorganisation can now make the most embarrassing changes without any major “circuses”. Decision-makers preparing to conquer the market are bolder and more proactive than before.

Team-Oriented Characters on Teams, in Business

2021 is about having to accept the new and give up some of the old, it will be a difficult time for team-oriented characters.

Selfish Characters on Teams, In Business

When and to what extent can we transform an existing team via teambuilding, and when should we decide to create a brand new one instead?

Personality Types and Team… Cohesion

The need for a team is a multidimensional process. As decision-makers, we need to be aware of why it is important for us to work in a team.

Defining dull, “neat” goals is not necessary

Reinterpreting the team as a concept is a central theme of 2021. It’s time to speak honestly about teambuilding as well!

The end of comfortable team leadership!

Regardless of high unemployment rates, employees have begun to quit and leave their jobs that did not even satisfy them before the crisis. The value of “teams” is increasing rapidly.

Sports Need Reality

It is not easy for today's athletes, but sports professionals are also in a difficult situation, as they are responsible for the health and lives of athletes, who also face the greatest challenge of their lives.


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I need a wake-up call! (Part 2)

Our expert, Gergő Nidermayer, the head of ENDORIENCE and EKI Creative, discusses the premium side of the POS sector.


Crisis management lessons from an American sports scandal, Part 1

I need a wake-up call! (Part 1)

Gergő Nidermayer, head of ENDORIENCE and EKI Creative, speaks about how the Point of Sale (POS) sector is transforming and becoming a premium category in the wake of the COVID Crisis.

The mouthpieces and the quiet ones

The “home office” framework is not a lot of fun, nor is it a temporary COVID solution that can be discarded immediately upon reopening; it is a big motivator that drastically affects employee preference.

The American Super League Drama, Part 2: Show me the money!

“The NCAA’s business model would be flatly illegal in almost any other industry in America”.