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The three sisters: the relationship between idolism, talent management, and employer branding

Today's talent management problem is the result of idol management and employer branding, which means that to solve it, you need something that can address these three areas simultaneously.

The HR Ego and the Battle for Talent: Successful talent management programmes since 2020

If we were to summarise the impact of talent management market changes since 2020, it could be said that in all the successful organisational development exercises have applied a combination of two basic methodologies.

Spy Game (Part 2): Selection-focused talent management

Selection-focused talent management is definitely a luxury for HR, and it's one that has to be fought for, because the best talent isn't going to just rush in.

Spy Game (part 1): Selection-focused talent management

The emergence of selection-focused talent management roughly coincides with the start of the startup world's conquest of the world, but it is no longer only used by one-off global companies.

Once you get your foot in the door (Part 2): Development-focused talent management

Development-focused talent management always thinks in terms of the existing workforce and tries to make the most of it, both in terms of performance and in terms of reducing employee turnover.

Once you get your foot in the door (Part 1): Development-focused talent management

Development-focused talent management can be successfully applied in today's highly competitive environment, with the right transformation.

I’ll work when I’m happy: New generations and talent management

The challenges of talent management cannot be solved without building a high level of idol management. This is usually where modern HR today is seriously stuck.

Disruptors and Grey Eminences

After the pandemic, the issue of wages and “wage tensions” seems to be changing, and the best employers are already working on how to differentiate their key people.

Mediocrity or Idolism?

Most people think that the owner has to be a figure that everyone likes. This is far from the case!


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