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Disruptors and Grey Eminences

After the pandemic, the issue of wages and “wage tensions” seems to be changing, and the best employers are already working on how to differentiate their key people.

Mediocrity or Idolism?

Most people think that the owner has to be a figure that everyone likes. This is far from the case!


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Ambitionist Rage: Part 3

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

The Market’s Independent Automation Player (Automation Today, Part 3)

We spoke with the Founder of Independent Automation Group, Gábor Megyeri, and its Business Development Director, György Bíró, about brand independence, trends, and strategy.

DIAMOND­DOUGHKID / 006: The question of permanency

The biggest question in psychology about personality is when it actually develops and how constant it is.

Independent, Dissenting Opinion: The Supervision of Architectural Projects

It is not surprising that some form of consulting is necessary in almost every corner of the business world, and architecture is no exception.

A Genuine Smile Is Worth Everything

The reopening is far from a restart or a return to the old ways. Getting customers to return is far from an automatic process.