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The Great Recession vs The Corona Crash

Part 1: The Automotive Industry in the US and Germany

The 400 Million

The unemployment rate is tricky: sometimes it hides more than it reveals. At its core, it is supposed to be a simple formula.

Welcome HOME… office!

I love my neighbourhood: it’s green, quiet, and shows who I really am. A husband. A father. An employee, nowadays.

Once Upon a COVID Time

The economic effects of COVID-19 have been severe and diverse. They appeared immediately in some sectors, while in others they arrived only later.

This Apocalypse is Different

War. Revolution. State collapse. Deadly pandemics. No, these are not the themes of the latest Hollywood disaster blockbusters.

Get Closer or Stay Far

1,311 new COVID cases in Germany, 8,959 new COVID cases in Spain: these were the daily stats officially published on the 3rd of September.


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