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The Barrel Cap

Western nations are hoping to cripple the Russian war machine by implementing a price cap on Russian oil.

Proactive Energy Security

Germany heats itself from the fires of the burning bridges with Russia.

A Temporary Crunch

Chancellor Olaf Scholz expects Germany's energy supply problems to be solved by the end of 2023.

The Fifteen Per Cent

Russia’s gas games and how they are testing EU solidarity.

Tour of Promise / Going out on Top / Griner’s Deal

Three sports stories we are following this week

Ukraine / Gazprom / Amazon

Three news stories we are following this week.

Spain’s Strike

The Iberian nation does not want to be punished for the myopia of its neighbours.

Made in Germany

Germany posted its first trade deficit since the reunification, and that historic shift does not bode well for the country’s economic outlook.

The Quasi-Default

Russia is officially in default, sort of…

A lose-lose situation and a comeback win for the books

Wimbledon’s ban on Russian athletes / A wild ending to the PGA Championships


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