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Empty Offices

Companies that are struggling to fill their offices are also having trouble selling them.

Why “COVID discounts” in big cities did not last

It has to do with supply and demand.

After the boom comes the…

The white-hot global housing market is showing signs of cooling as governments throughout the world raise interest rates, and mortgages become harder to come by.

Spotting a Home

Sites like Airbnb and its kin have few beneficiaries and many victims. Are there company out there that provide innovation without exploitation?

Finding Your Place

Despite bold predictions about less office space being used by companies around the globe, that drop has still yet to materialise.

State of the Unions / China’s Real Estate Wobble

Business stories we are following this week

Price Hikes: Local and Global

Scorching hot real estate markets, computer chips, and used cars.

Will is not enough; you also need knowledge: planning and calculability in real estate investment

The most striking change from this crisis is the need for predictability. In the field of real estate investment, the predictability of realistic planning, the almighty “budget”, has become especially important.

A Tale of Two Cities

There is no doubt about it: the pandemic is intensifying inequality across the world.


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