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Asian Representation

A record number of actors of Asian descent have been recognised with Oscar nominations this year, led by Michelle Yeoh from Everything, Everywhere, All at Once, who is perhaps the frontrunner for the Best Actress award.

Pleasant Surprises: the 2023 Oscar Nominations

The nominations for next month's ceremony have been predicted by many over the past few months, and now that they are here, there are some pleasant surprises.

The “Emancipation” of Will Smith

In February 2023, Will Smith wrapped shooting on a film that was destined to be an Oscar contender. Then “the slap” happened.

Our Little Oscar

Here's our (very) subjective ranking of the nominees.

Oscar vs Blockbusters

Why do Best Picture nominees have to be so serious all the time?

Graciously Aggressive

An interview with renowned casting director Joseph Middleton about the Oscars, Hollywood, and film in the time of COVID.


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