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Organisational Development

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The HR Ego and the Battle for Talent: Successful talent management programmes since 2020

If we were to summarise the impact of talent management market changes since 2020, it could be said that in all the successful organisational development exercises have applied a combination of two basic methodologies.

2021’s Top Ten: #3

Big and Small in 2021

COVID-19 RE-OPENING EXCLUSIVE: Nr. 5. – I’m bored, so I’m here

Business owners from the Diplomatic Generation are pushing ahead during the crisis.

Exchanging ideas instead of empty words

This year, the business year started much earlier than usual. Businesspeople face two serious challenges: building a new strategy and putting their organisation in order.

Big and Small in 2021

Since the 2008 crisis, the number of smaller companies targeting the premium segment has increased significantly. Their advantage is that with unique customer service, their partners can feel much bigger.

A Piece of Earth

Comparing business development and the fight against viruses

We are constantly building our image, even if we don’t want to.

A company’s image has never been more important than it will be in 2021.

The Top Articles of 2020: Honourable Mention

I’m bored, so I’m here

The Top 10 Articles of 2020: #4

An Arranged Marriage

The Top 10 Articles of 2020: #5

A Clean, Honest Mirror


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