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Working to Live or Living to Work, Episode 4: The Demanding Supply

Demanding employees are not a new phenomenon. After all, essentially all workers’ rights progress following the Industrial Revolution occurred because employees demanded better labour conditions.

Working to Live or Living to Work, Episode 3: The COVID Dam

As job losses piled up early on, many thought that a reopened labour market might alleviate some of the most painful aspects of the shortage. Instead, the crisis actually exacerbated the situation.

Working to Live or Living to Work, Episode 2: Never Going Back

Taking a look at Ipsos/World Economic Forum data about shifting worker expectations.

Working to Live or Living to Work, Episode 1: Labour Shortages

“Help Wanted” signs hanging in windows of fast-food restaurants is a common sight across the US.


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The Vaccine Martyrs

Why is this the hill they are choosing to die on?

The Most Important Manager Features of 2021-22, 4th Place: Happiness

It may come as a surprise that the managers we interviewed ranked “happiness" at all, but after the pandemic, the importance of this trait certainly increased tremendously.

Practical Innovation

The time of the “big startup era” is over; multiple crises have necessitated a paradigm shift. Innovation is again a prerequisite for that shift, but not innovation can no longer be an end in itself, but a concrete, supportive solution.

Sport & Stigma

One stigma that is currently undergoing a major transition is mental illness, and much of the public discussion about mental illness has centred around professional athletes.


COVID-19 has drastically reshaped the business environment, so successful managerial qualities are now more important than ever.