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Argentine’s Woes

Argentina is set to announce new emergency measures, including a significant increase in interest rates to 97%, in an attempt to address the country's severe economic crisis.

Inflation and Labour

Predicting the next steps of an unpredictable American economy

Hiking to New Peaks

Powell's remarks before the Senate Banking Committee indicate that the Federal Reserve is prepared to raise interest rates more than previously expected in response to recent reports of stubbornly high inflation and a resilient job market.

Easing European Inflation

According to a report from the European Commission, inflation levels in Europe eased last month as the winter drew to a close.

How did we do this last time?

America’s long-term recovery following the sustained inflation of the 1970s

The Inflation Divide

Not all inflation is created equal

Is Inflation Finally Easing?

New inflation figures have finally defied prediction (in a good way).

The Inflation Situation: The EU

October’s numbers are in, and they are not looking particularly good for the Eurozone.

The Inflation Situation: France

France is handling inflation better than its EU counterparts, but the nation will have to pay the bill sooner or later.

The Inflation Situation: Brazil

A series looking into the current inflation statistics of various countries. This week: Brazil.


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