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The Impact of Rising Mortgage Rates on UK Households

As rates continue to climb, millions of Britons find themselves allocating more of their income towards their monthly mortgage payments, leading to a slowdown in other expenditures.

Surprising Resilience: Exploring the Current State of the Housing Market

In the face of rising interest rates and efforts by the Federal Reserve to curb inflation, the U.S. housing market has displayed unexpected strength.

New Zealand’s Housing Market Struggles Amidst Plummeting Prices and Rising Interest Rates

New Zealand's housing market, one of the most troubled in the world, has experienced significant fluctuations over the past 18 months.

Hedge Funds: The New Landlords

Hedge funds have been buying up residential properties at alarming rates, and the free market alone is incapable of stopping it.

Why “COVID discounts” in big cities did not last

It has to do with supply and demand.

After the boom comes the…

The white-hot global housing market is showing signs of cooling as governments throughout the world raise interest rates, and mortgages become harder to come by.

Spotting a Home

Sites like Airbnb and its kin have few beneficiaries and many victims. Are there company out there that provide innovation without exploitation?


Affordable housing has become a pressing issue in communities around the world. Are short-term rental platforms to blame?


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