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BillingEngine: Revolutionizing Invoicing for Freelancers and SMEs

A look at one of Germany’s most exciting young companies.

Germany’s Fiscal Challenge: Chancellor Scholz Seeks to Override Borrowing Limits Amid Economic Modernization Efforts

Chancellor Scholz is taking a bold step in seeking to override the country's borrowing limits for the fourth consecutive year.

Some Good News?

Germany's economy grew by 1.9% in 2022 despite the crisis and is moving away from recession

American European Football

The NFL is continuing its international expansion to Europe.

Proactive Energy Security

Germany heats itself from the fires of the burning bridges with Russia.

A Temporary Crunch

Chancellor Olaf Scholz expects Germany's energy supply problems to be solved by the end of 2023.

Made in Germany

Germany posted its first trade deficit since the reunification, and that historic shift does not bode well for the country’s economic outlook.


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