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Following the Idols (Part 5): The Authoritarian Generation (1949-1960)

The Authoritarians were self-educated and more accepting of youth and novelty than, for example, the younger Perfectionists.

Following the Idols (Part 4): Followers generation (1997-2008)

In the Follower Generation, those who do not take responsibility for society, for the common good and for the community, cannot remain idols.

A YEAR AGO: Ambitionist Rage: Part 3

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

Following the Idols (Part 3): The Ambitionist Generation (1985-1996)

The biggest change in the HR market, the absolute focus on idolism and talent management, was clearly motivated by this generation.

Following the Idols (Part 2): the Perfectionist Generation (1961-1972)

This generation had a beautifully constructed system that could be followed in a perfect, predictable way, and didn't want any changes.

The Age of Outliers (Part 3): Winning Outliers

In a crisis, authenticity and credibility are highly valued. Every era has its expectations, and it is by meeting them that someone is said to be credible.

The Age of Outliers (Part 2): The turning point of generational success

When the outliers realise that fitting in with their generation is not going to work, the big question is: do they crash or step on the accelerator?

The Age of Outliers (Part 1): Generational Differences

The impact of generational behavioural trends in the post-COVID era

2021’s Top Ten: #1

The Impact of Covid-19 on Different Generations – Episode 1: Generational Calculations in Strategy

The Impact of Covid-19 on Different Generations – Episode 7: The Systemists

It can already be seen that those born after 2008 will have very strong Expert traits, so systems and rules will play important roles in their decisions.


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