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The UBS Takeover

In the midst of the ongoing banking crisis, Credit Suisse has been handed over to its main rival, UBS, for just over $3bn.

What in the world happened last week?

A week of market turmoil left a lot of us scratching our heads.

Credit Sus

Swiss National Bank to Financially Support Credit Suisse Amid Plunge in Stock Prices

The Collapse of a Giant

Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse has already resulted in finger-pointing and “too big to fail” conversations reminiscent of 2008.

A new captain for a strong ship

Tracking Santander’s navigation of an increasingly difficult financial market.

The Crypto Crash

Cryptocurrencies were supposed to be more egalitarian, but they have been much more fair to billionaires than everyday citizens.

A SWIFT Response

One of the main weapons in the West’s sanctions arsenal has been the decision to cut Russia off from the SWIFT system.


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