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From Ireland, With Love

For a relatively small island, there is no shortage of familiar Irish faces when you look at film history.

Big Budget, Big Impact

The persistence of blockbusters, culturally and industrially.

Return to Wakanda

Black Panther 2 is a tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman, who died in 2020, and as a film in its own right, it is the most emotional and human film in Marvel history.

Ten years of horror (Part 1)

Horror films of the past decade have explored themes such as childhood trauma, racist violence, greed, and family secrets, but they still bring the scare factor.

The Halloween Classics

With less than two weeks until Halloween, it's time to revisit some horror classics.

The “Emancipation” of Will Smith

In February 2023, Will Smith wrapped shooting on a film that was destined to be an Oscar contender. Then “the slap” happened.

The King

He came out of nowhere, performed a miracle, and then became an inescapable legend.

The minions are back

These little yellow creatures bring in billions in the box office, and like their boss in the films, they are on a course towards world domination.

What am I without music?

In recent years, we’ve been getting serious biographical films about great musicians ... we’ve selected some of the best of the 2000s.

Our Little Oscar

Here's our (very) subjective ranking of the nominees.


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