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Tesla’s Rough Patch

Tesla's recent quarterly sales report has sent shockwaves through the electric vehicle (EV) market, hinting at potential challenges ahead for the company that once dominated this innovative sector.

The Rise of Tesla in China (Part 2): Navigating Challenges

As Tesla's journey in China evolves, the company finds itself at a crossroads, grappling with the ramifications of its deep integration into the Chinese market.

The Rise of Tesla in China (Part 1): A Strategic Pivot That Paid Off

In the early stages of Tesla's foray into the Chinese market, Elon Musk's bold bet seemed like a masterstroke.

Toyota’s EV Gamble & Payoff

The titan in the automotive industry sold over 11 million vehicles worldwide in 2023, dwarfing Tesla's output by more than six times.

Lithium Shortage Forces Carmakers to Enter the Mining Industry

Auto Executives Secure Supplies of Vital Battery Material to Propel Electric Vehicle Ambitions


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