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Bigger Oil

As Saudi Aramco posts record income, the idea of a future without fossil fuels seems stubbornly distant.

The Barrel Cap

Western nations are hoping to cripple the Russian war machine by implementing a price cap on Russian oil.

Mind the Cap

Brussels plans on setting a price cap for natural gas in the EU.

Oil Cycle

Falling oil prices might be one silver lining of the global recession.

The Dutch Dilemma

Solving energy insecurity: a stopgap measure or a deal with the devil?

OPEC’s cuts

The oil cartel, led by Saudi Arabia, is cutting global supplies at a volatile time.

The State of the EU

Examining the content and history of the annual State of the EU speech.

Proactive Energy Security

Germany heats itself from the fires of the burning bridges with Russia.

A Temporary Crunch

Chancellor Olaf Scholz expects Germany's energy supply problems to be solved by the end of 2023.

Oil is down, but is it out?

When war broke out in February, experts predicted oil at 200 USD/barrel. It is now at 90, but will it stay that way?


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