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European Central Bank Cuts Interest Rates, Signaling Policy Shift Amid Improved Inflation Outlook

The ECB made a significant policy shift on Thursday, lowering interest rates for the first time in nearly five years.

Are retailers finally easing up?

U.S. consumers, fatigued by a three-year bout of inflation, are clamoring for lower prices, and large retailers are beginning to heed customer concerns.

Debate: Should the Federal Reserve Lower Interest Rates Soon?

Part 2: No, Keep Rates High to Control Inflation

Debate: Should the Federal Reserve Lower Interest Rates Soon?

Part 1: Yes, Rate Cuts Are Necessary

Navigating Britain’s Economic Resurgence: An Analysis of Mixed Signals and Uneven Recovery

The British economy showcased unexpected resilience in Q1, emerging from a shallow recession with a 0.6 percent growth in gross domestic product (GDP), surpassing economists’ forecasts.

Fed Officials Monitor Job Market as Interest Rate Decisions Loom

Federal Reserve officials are gauging the timing and feasibility of potential interest rate reductions later this year.

GB’s OECD Woes

The United Kingdom is poised to experience the slowest economic growth among all advanced nations next year, as reported by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

The Soft Landing

Navigating the Global Economy Through Uncertain Waters

Japan’s First Rate Hike Since 2007

Rates are finally above zero again.

The Soft Landing Part 2: Demographics and Policy Challenges

As the global economy embraces an optimistic start in 2024, marked by receding inflation and resilient growth, one nation stands out for its surprising strength – the United States.


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