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Ghana’s Ongoing Debt Crisis: Implications for the Nation’s Economy and Beyond

There are mounting debts owed by Ghana’s government entities to thousands of contractors.

The Red Scare, Part 2

Navigating the future of China’s property market amidst crisis

The Red Scare, Part 1

The unprecedented turmoil in China’s property market

Russia’s Rouble Woes: Economic Challenges and Policy Responses

Last week, the Russian rouble faced a significant setback, slipping below 100 to the American dollar—a value lower than a solitary cent.

China’s Shifting Economic Landscape: Challenges and Implications for the Global Economy

For over 25 years, China has been synonymous with rapid development and upward mobility, acting as an inexhaustible engine driving global economic growth, but recent events have highlighted a stark shift in this narrative.

Fitch Ratings Downgrades U.S. Credit Rating Amid Mounting Debt Concerns

This marks the second time in history that the U.S. credit rating has been downgraded, with the previous instance occurring in 2011 amid a debt-limit standoff.

Mixed Signals for Europe’s Economic Recovery: Uneven Growth and Lingering Inflation Concerns

In the second quarter of 2023, Europe's economy showed signs of recovery, bouncing back from a sluggish start earlier in the year.

The End of the Great Resignation? Part 2

In just two years, the economy managed to reverse approximately a quarter of the inequality increase since 1980.

The End of the Great Resignation? Part 1

Over the past two years, the United States has witnessed a tidal wave of job changes as tens of millions of Americans left their positions, but recent data indicates that the wave of resignations is subsiding.

Surprising Resilience: Exploring the Current State of the Housing Market

In the face of rising interest rates and efforts by the Federal Reserve to curb inflation, the U.S. housing market has displayed unexpected strength.


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