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The Most Important Manager Features of 2021-22, 2nd Place: Self-Assessment

What makes a person credible? Many people bring up professional knowledge, reliability, but credibility goes hand in hand with self-esteem.

Cheaters Never Lose, Part 3: A Slap on the Wrist

Fines can be effective, but not when the fines are 5 million USD for an organisation valued at over 1.8 billion USD.


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Swallow the Premium Frog – The Drastic Transformation of the Premium Market (Part 2)

This long-running process will be brought to its conclusion by COVID.

Let’s go to Paris in a Porsche – Complex mental mentoring in sport

Complex mental mentoring is still limited in the international sporting world today. However, where it is used, it is showing very strong results.

Of Mice and Men

How Omicron has delayed the “return to office” movement of the world’s leading companies.

If you’re not at the forefront of technology, you’re losing

Automobile Industry Insights from Audi CEO Markus Duesmann