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Salary Wars – Consulting & Legal

Prices are going up across the board, but so too are salaries among knowledge-focussed positions. This trend is apparent across consulting, accounting, and law.

The “still sufficient material” principle in business decision-making

Material cost control in parts and tool manufacturing, and in business in general

The Principle of “Practical Production” in Business Decision-making

According to the LEAN approach, anything that does not add value to the production process can be considered a waste.

New References: the Changing Business Development Market

While the consulting sector as a whole has almost bled out over the past two years, some individual consulting firms have shown explosive growth.

Grandma’s Recipe – Strategising in 2022 (Part 2)

Is now the time to take risks, perhaps more than ever? What really makes a good business strategist?

Grandma’s Recipe – Strategising in 2022 (Part 1)

Or is now the time to take risks, perhaps more than ever? What really makes a good business strategist?

Broadening Horizons: Automation and “Hybrid” Strategic Consulting

Last year brought major changes for businesses worldwide, and this process is still in full swing in the field of automation.

When the Mole is Worth Gold – Advanced Consulting in the Parts Manufacturing Market

International crises always dynamize the market for consulting activities. Even the smallest elements or parts can no longer avoid this process.

The evolution of automation in an oversupplied market

The importance of automation has accelerated due to the pandemic, as all sectors have seen that predictable, stable business operations no longer work today without automation

Independent, Dissenting Opinion: The Supervision of Architectural Projects

It is not surprising that some form of consulting is necessary in almost every corner of the business world, and architecture is no exception.


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